March 26, 2005

Progressive Conservative Liberal Senators, Tainted Cocaine, Premeditated Murder & Injustice, Muslims-West, Daycare-Family, Honest Reporting on CBC

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Progressive Conservative Liberal Senators

Martin's Senate appointees problematic for opposition parties March 24, 2005, Alexander Panetta

"I just think this is incredibly intellectually dishonest and insulting to people," said Tory Leader Stephen Harper.

"There is no federal Progressive Conservative Party. This is usually a euphemism now for people who support the Liberal party federally." [. . . . ]

2 killed by bad cocaine, cops feel March 25, 2005, Jonathan Jenkiins, Toronto Sun

COCAINE TAINTED with a household cleanser has hit the streets of Durham and cops suspect it may have killed two local drug users. "We are interested in getting this stuff off the streets," Durham police spokesman Dave Selby said. "If people have information about that that can help us, we'd like to talk to them." [. . . . ]

Cocaine is often mixed with any number of powdery substances to increase volume and profitability. Cornstarch, sugar, talcum powder and sugar can be used, as well as other drugs. [. . . . ]

Leniency intolerable March 25, 2005, Tom Brodbeck, Winnipeg Sun

A guy plans and conspires with several buddies to kill someone, meets the victim in a remote place, tries several ways to murder him -- including stabbing him in the neck -- and ultimately kills him.

The murder is planned and deliberate and it's organized by two or more people. It's a heinous crime.

And there is no other way to describe the killing than saying it was a cold-blooded, pre-meditated and clear-thinking murder.

Life in prison without eligibility for parole for 25 years, you would think. Not in Canada.

And not with our judges, who sometimes don't take murder that seriously.
[. . . . ]

Search: Queen's Bench Justice Perry Schulman, Eight-Ball Award, Anthony Pulsifer, 13 years

Comment: Raskolnikov March 24, 2005

What I find instructive about this story is that it endorses much of what many have long suspected ... namely that the benign face of mainstream Islam isn't as terror-averse as they lead us to believe.

[. . . . ] This underbelly of hate and violence damages the credibility of mainstream Islam. In saying this, I don't doubt for a second that there are many decent muslims in Canada who don't traffic in hatred and who support legitimate political solutions to the problems of the Middle East. A more pressing problem than solutions overseas are the bigots and haters right here in Canada who clearly need to be exposed and removed from positions of responsibility ... most especially if they are instrumental in distorting the minds of impressionable kids by promoting hatred and violence toward jews.

What bothers me about the various situations involving Muslims and expressions of hatred in Canada is what it does to the thinking of ordinary Canadians like me. I have and have had Muslim acquaintances, maybe even friends. I hate it that now I am questioning my own judgement. Have I missed something? Do these seemingly benign citizens really hate the freedoms I cherish so much? Do they hate me? Do they consider me simply immmoral and a threat to the purity of their women -- as they seem to consider all in the West, even other women?

Mostly, it has been Muslim women I have had as acquaintances and friends because the men were too controlling of their women for my taste and they did not listen to me nor treat me as equal to a man; nevertheless, now . . . I tend to wonder. I hate a religion which taints what decent people should be able to see, think about, then judge for themselves -- that we all are a mixture of good and bad and none of us deserve to be hated simply because we do not share the same religious beliefs. I think Islam needs to modernize, particularly to stop hating and starting learning about the rest of the world and developing tolerance.

By the same token, since women support and pass on the religious beliefs in all societies, Muslim women must re-think what they are passing on. Muslim women must decide whether they want to be able to think for themselves or to always be subject to men. No contest there for me -- but they must make that choice. It is a choice. A determined woman cannot be controlled forever, and particularly if she lives in Canada.

Thank God, I was born in the West!

Universal day care. 14 March 2005, Ted Byfield

[. . . . T]he Liberal gay-marriage legislation and the Liberal aspiration for Ottawa-directed day care both derive from the same rarely stated but ever more evident Liberal tenet. It is an opposition to, which at times rises to contempt for and even a hatred of, the traditional family. The ultimate purpose of both programs is to undermine that institution.

To suggest that people like Paul Martin, or Dave Kilgour, the Liberal MP for Edmonton, are somehow in a conspiracy to destroy an institution that is very dear to them and to most other party members is nonsense. What they don’t know, or won’t face, however, is the fact that the legislation their government consistently advances is in response to the pressure of anti-family lobby groups, which they endorse and lavishly fund, and like-minded bureaucrats, whom they harbour within the federal administration. The same sentiment is reflected in the presuppositions of the judges with whom they have been diligently packing our courts since the Chrétien government took office.

All these people have fundamentally written off the family as it has existed for countless generations.
[. . . . Ed's emphasis.]

Before you dismiss that last statement, read the whole article. In the last many years and particularly with Liberal governments, there have been strident efforts and movements to remove from the family that which is the province of the family. I believe it is intended in the end to form young minds by the state -- the Liberal state -- before the family is able to teach them differently. Big Brother is winning if we do not stop this -- now! What are you going to do about it?

Dear HonestReporting Canada subscriber:

One year ago today, HonestReporting Canada

critiqued the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Web site.’s special section on the Middle East is mostly a collection of documents about Israel and the Palestinians. With the look and feel of an educational primer, it contains descriptions of key issues, biographies of key players, and archived news stories.

Last year, in the very first sentence on its IN DEPTH: Middle East section, CBC introduced Canadians to a one-sided version of history:

"Since May of 1948 when the modern state of Israel was proclaimed, the land has had two parallel histories, one for the Jews who control the state and one for the Palestinians who say the nation was built on their homeland." (Emphasis added)

(This version ignores [. . . . ]

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