March 29, 2005

CPAC: Gomery Inquiry continues in Montreal

Groupaction boss up next at Gomery -- Jean Brault: Inquiry told he strong-armed Liberal donations March 28, 2005, Kathryn May, CanWest

The Gomery inquiry reaches a critical turning point in probing the money trail of the $250-million sponsorship program this week when it turns the spotlight on Groupaction Marketing, the Liberal-friendly advertising agency that's been at the centre of the political storm from the start. [. . . . ]

Sponsorship Inquiry -- Monday - Friday, LIVE 9:30AM - 5pm ET / 6:30AM - 2pm PT.

Links -- of interest

Early section: witnesses at the Gomery Inquiry

Phase 1A -- September 7, 2004 to today

Liberals fear spring election -- Gomery fallout hurting Grits, Lapierre says Brian Laghi, Mar. 28, 05, Ottawa Bureau

Paul Martin's Quebec lieutenant warned yesterday that a spring election would be a threat to the Liberals given the daily damage being done to the government at the Gomery inquiry.

"Obviously, I wouldn't want to go to the polls at this time," Transport Minister Jean Lapierre said on CTV's Question Period yesterday. "This is no time to go to the polls, when you're in the middle of this."

[. . . . ] Although it supports Kyoto, the Bloc could stand to profit from an early election, because of the difficulty the inquiry is causing Liberals in Quebec.

Together, the Bloc and the Conservatives represent 154 of the 308 seats in the House of Commons. The Liberals (133) and the New Democrats (19) represent 152 and there are two independents.

[. . . . ] Mr. Kenney said yesterday his party has "bent over backward" to make this Parliament work, adding that Prime Minister Paul Martin can avoid potential defeat by declaring that the matter is not one of confidence.

Some backroom observers have suggested the Liberals may not be opposed to an election as first thought, given that the report from the Gomery commission could be devastating when it emerges, probably next fall.


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