March 30, 2005

CAIR's War on National Review, Alberta Man linked by CSIS to al-Qaeda, Diane Francis: U.S. unions create oilpatch labour pinch

CAIR's War on National Review Robert Spencer,, Mar. 30, 05

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has this week waged a campaign against National Review, seeking an apology and the removal of a book called The Life and Religion of Mohammed from sale by the NR Book Service. This was a bit out of focus, since National Review did not publish the book and is not the sole source for it. In fact, I wrote this ad, although I receive absolutely no remuneration from the sales of the book by NR or anyone else. CAIR’s campaign was revealing of what CAIR wants Americans to know — and not to know — about Islam and Muhammad. And CAIR did succeed in intimidating NR into withdrawing the book, along with Serge Trifkovic’s The Sword of the Prophet: History, Theology, Impact on the World

[. . . . ] Now that CAIR has succeeded in intimidating NR [National Review] into silence and getting them to drop this book, it will be a victory for those who don’t want Americans to know the uncomfortable details about Muhammad that are in the book. Unfortunately, however, jihad terrorists around the world today know these elements of the life of Muhammad quite well, and are imitating them. Ignorance of them on the part of Americans will only make us more vulnerable. [. . . . ]

Search: CAIR’s Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, Fr. J. L. Menezes, a Roman Catholic priest, If it is Islamophobic hate literature for

Search also for information on the author, Robert Spencer.

"Earlier this week, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami released a 14-page affidavit sworn out by FBI agent John T. Kavanaugh detailing what he described as the "Jayyousi-Daher-Hassoun North American Support Network" for Islamic terror."

Former Alberta man charged in plot to wage worldwide jihad -- Accused ran movie theatres in Ponoka, Leduc Randy Boswell, Mar. 30, 05, CanWest

A former Edmonton-area cinema owner [. . . ]

Kassem Daher, linked by CSIS to al-Qaeda, is a Lebanese native who came to Canada in the 1980s as a business immigrant. Daher, who once ran movie theatres in Leduc and Ponoka, left Canada in 1998.

[. . . . ] But a criminal complaint unsealed this week in Florida named Daher -- along with three other men, including a former Detroit public school administrator -- as co-conspirators in a network aimed at supporting terrorist activities around the globe. [. . . . ]

Worth reading.

Yankee unions

Diane Francis: U.S. unions create oilpatch labour pinch Financial Post, March 29, 2005

Ottawa's Employment Insurance scheme and the Province of Alberta have imposed policies that are helping American unions create artificial labour shortages in the oilpatch and preventing young Canadians from filling these jobs.

It's clear that the province's well-organized, American-based unions (all members of Washington's AFL-CIO) have targeted the oilsands construction bonanza and have hoodwinked two levels of government to help them make millions.

[. . . . ] Companies employing these three trades can only hire an apprentice if they assign three journeymen to train that person. What's significant is that all the other construction trades, both within and outside of Alberta, require only a one-to-one ratio.

Diane is excellent and she finds information that most of us miss. Good show!
Do read the impact upon taxpayers.


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