December 12, 2006

Dec. 12, 2006: Bud

Fundamentalist Islam marches resolutely backward

To begin with the most egregious example, we must go to Somalia. There, the fundamentalist regime that controls the capital city and the south has decreed that Muslims who don't adhere faithfully to the five prayers a day should be beheaded -- just when you thought that this benighted country couldn't get more brutalized and chaotic. Next up is Pakistan--vacation central for the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The Pakistani High Court overturned Islamic laws which twice victimized raped women. They threw out the absurd idea that a rape victim had to have her attack witnessed by four men. In fact, to bring a charge of rape in the past, and not have this "proof", could lead to her being jailed for adultery. Well, that positive change has enraged the radical Islamic element, who have promised vague revenge for this apostasy. To show that Sunni fanaticism can be matched by the Shia brand of Islam, the Iranian government (a.k.a the Mullah-ocracy) has tightened its internet censorship. Now YouTube is seen as a threat to Iranian youth. Also, the strict separation of genders is being implemented apace, with new strictures on personal freedom announced monthly.

To add a little levity to Iran's crackdown, there was that special Olympic training facility set up north of Tehran for the female athletes. The reason given for not allowing the ladies to train in the central Tehran stadium was that airplanes flew over it. Even at 5,000 meters, there was a chance that male passengers could become inflamed with lust by witnessing the women practicing below. On the other hand, an adult male may marry a 12 year old child, or take a "temporary wife" for a little dalliance on the side. In the West this "temporary wife" would, at best, be called a mistress, or at worst, a hooker. [Or a cousin brought over to help his wife, Bud. I understand that has been how second wives have been brought into Canada. Is it any wonder they vote the way they do when they get here?]

All these bizarre regulations could be catalogued under loony religion, if these same people didn't want to destroy the "decadent" West and enforce their own Islamic morality. If you want to see the agenda of these radical Islamic groups, you only have to look at the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Cancel that appelation "The Paris of the Middle East" for Beirut. We may soon refer to it as a Greater Tehran. What they hope to do is trash the democratically elected legislature and supplant it with a theocracy. Unfortunately, many of these people, who embrace such religious absolutism, have become economic refugees and immigrants to the West. They sit and seethe in our cities. The moderate Muslims seem paralyzed by their fanatical neighbours, so they do not speak out against these monstrous restrictions on freedom. Britain has become, in Clockwork Orange speak, "a real horror show". Polls there show a deep hatred of English society. There are 31 Islamic terrorist cells under under active investigation. Unlike that spurious term homophobia, Islamophobia is a reality in the West. Political correctness has kept its voice muted up to now. Yet, it is there in abundance in private conservations, also seething at our recklessly lax Liberal immigration / refugee policy. The IRB has been systematically stacked with left-leaning appointees by the vote-buying political party. I realize that the Liberals have always depended on the immigrant vote, but they have miscalculated in their selection policies. Perhaps the ultimate irony of the Toronto terrorist suspects is that they even targeted the CBC--that great exemplar of diversity. The left still doesn't get it. They are the ultimate "useful fools", who will be the first to go to the wall, should the Islamists win the day.

© Bud Talkinghorn--As far as I can ascertain from CBC coverage, the real threat to Canada comes from the RCMP. The organization which helped thwart the bomb attack on their hallowed halls--what delicious irony indeed ... oh, yes, alleged attack, so we're supposed to say.

Bud, have you noted that the Opposition / MSM Propaganda Org. are using Mr. Arar as the poster boy for systemic racism in the RCMP? Check the Globe and Mail, A4, by Jeff Sallot: "Chief's exit not enough, Arar says." He also wants the federal government to own up to an alleged smear campaign." Making a case for Canadian taxpayers to pay him $37,000,000, I suppose. The Globe and Mail will happily play along if it would help to taint the current federal Conservative government. Naked, imbalance in that paper.

The naked face of Jimmy Carter

The ex-President has come a cropper again. His "breakthrough" diplomacy in North Kore has been exposed as a classic communist double-cross. He convinced the West to help prop up a notorious dictatorship in exchange for a nuclear moratorium. A small Kim Jong-Il jest that turned out to be. Now, we learn that he has criticized Canada for cutting off aid to the terrorist group Hamas. So much for his vaunted Carter Foundation's role as neutral third party for peace in Palestine. But of course Canada should send millions to Hamas, as those Quessam missles they shoot into Israel are expensive. You can't count on the Saudis for everything. This declaration from Carter has destroyed any credibility the man once had. He has staked out a position on the fringe left. One can only be thankful for that. For too long he has postured as a man of peaceful reconciliation. His condemnation of Canada's heartlessness may play well in Quebec, and among the Muslim population here; but will meet with contempt from most Canadians. What's next? Hug a Hezbollah? Whatever his message, it isn't worth peanuts now.

© Bud Talkinghorn

CBC's Sunday Morning--hitting all the soft targets

Maybe Evan Soloman is necessary as a counterbalance to Carol MacNeil. He was not there for this week's edition. Thus Carol could spew forth in a juggernaut of vilification of all things conservative. As a warm-up she tackled the RCMP. Leftist worthies, such as Warren Allmand, were allowed to portray the RCMP as basically a rogue force. Carol just hummed along without comment, while some unheard of journalist suggested that the rot was systemic throughout the land. The line from MacNeil that caught my attention was this: "Well, we had our own 9/11 with the India Air bombing." Actually, Carol, we had our own 9/11 with 9/11. Or do 23 Canadians killed in that terrorist massacre not count? Of course, to bring this ugly fact up might ignite more Islamophobia, so best it be forgotten. [by a "news" program]

Properly warmed up, she moves to the "evanglical siege" on Ottawa. Wow! These crazies just can't accept millennial-old marriage rites being turned into a travesty. They insist on talking about the gay agenda, backed by government-sponsored NGOs. What troglodytes! Next thing you know they will accuse CBC of being part of this plot.

Moving into high gear, she presents the story of American soldiers, who exposed the brutality of the Iraq war. The reality of war, Carol, is that all wars contain savage incidents. Blowing up Iraqi children collecting candy from Marines might fall into that category. These jihadis would be happy to do that down at your local mall, given a chance. The ghost of Abu Ghraib is conjured up again. The handfull of atrocities committed by American troops pales in contrast to the endless bloodbath of daily life visited by the Sunnis and Shi'ites on the country. Still, Yankee bashing is a basic ingredient of any CBC "news" programing. Right up there with hockey and Coronation Street.

Perhaps Carol MacNeil and the editors of these biased programs should go on a retreat and be forced to troll through their past efforts. The theme could be, "Are we a tad unbalanced in our coverage of the political and social scene?" Or, how about a two hour CBC Sunday program on the innumerable leftist NGOs, foundations, and organizations that get taxpayer funding from the former federal Liberal government(s)? Or go whole hog, and simply decide to dump MacNeil and Solomon as hosts. While the paltry "The Friends of the CBC" might take up arms, the rest of us who pay the bill might applaud.

Or one final thought. Instead of producing a single riveting program called "Intelligence", the Mothercorps could actually apply some money and time investigating and actually trying to achieve balance to their news and views coverage. Now that's a rad idea.

© Bud Talkinghorn


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