July 18, 2006

July 18, 2006: Un-deportable aliens

An increasingly serious problem

What To Do With Un-Deportable Aliens? -- poses relevant questions and asks for comment.
The West faces a growing problem with aliens it does not want but cannot deport. It has two quite different aspects. One concerns illegals who arrive without documentation, so there is no proof which country they come from. Here is a recent report on the situation in the Canary Islands in the Washington Post, as thousands of Africans land on the beaches: [....]

As the numbers of un-deportable aliens increase, solutions will likely emerge, somewhere between release into the general population and incarceration. Will a Liberia-like place in Africabe created in which to place them? Special administrative districts which they cannot leave but where they can lead normal lives? Or some other arrangement?

My personal feeling is that we're much too scrupulous for our own good ... and we shall come to regret it.


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