July 12, 2006

July 12, 2006: Update -- It's a soldier's life

Terry Pedwell: It's a soldier's life

The father of Boneca's girlfriend has been quoted as saying the 21-year-old soldier was "disillusioned" and desperately wanted to leave Afghanistan.

However, Boneca's father, Antonio, contradicted that view yesterday, saying his son "loved being in the army" and was aware of the situation he was facing.


"In all my conversations with my son, there was never any mention of him not being well enough or fit enough to carry out his military duties,"
Boneca's father said.

Was it necessary for the leftist MSM to even bring this up at the time of Boneca's funeral? (words from the father of Boneca's girlfriend) Later, yes, but not then. But the MSM need fodder ... anything anti-mission in Afghanistan. Lew Mackenzie has written on the difference between morale and attitude in one of the major news media today.


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