July 12, 2006

July 12, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn: Dear Sheema Khan ...

Islamophobia--Words versus actions

"Burn the libraries, for their value is in this one book, the Koran."

Attributed to Omar the 1st--after burning down the the Library of Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world

Later his future barbaric kinfolk, the Taliban, would destroy the giant Buddhas in Bamian in Afghanistan--one of the world's ten great heritage sites. Did the UN protest that? Civilization's enemies have a long history.

There has been quite a response to Sheema Khan's article in the July. 8 edition of The Globe and Mail. It was entitled "We all have to confront contempt for the other". Her main thrust was that Canada was being hypocritical in who they ban from the country. She mentions that a radical rabbi, Binyamin Kahane, was admitted in 2000. Kahane is a fanatic, who despises Islam. Then she brings up Rev. Franklin Graham, a fiery American minister, who equates Islam with "wickedness". But they banned Sheikh ul-Haq, an English imam, noted for his hatred of Jews, Hindus, and homosexuals. Unfair she says.

On the surface, it appears that she is justified in pointing out this inequitable treatment ... a seemingly classic example of Islamophobia. However, she seems never to have read the papers for the last decade. It is her religion that bombs Christian churches in the southern Indonesian islands. Or the Islamic slaughter of Christian youth and Hindu Balinese in Bali. That was a three way hit, killing two groups of infidels, plus helping to destroy the main Balinese business, tourism. A true "Allahu akbar!" moment. Muslims are terrorizing their fellow Thai Buddhists and Christian Filipinos. The Iraqi Chaldean Christians are under constant attacks from the Jihadis, while the mullahs in Iran have crushed the poor Ba'hais. Those are just a few examples of the intolerance of Muslims for the "other". The massacre of the Christian children in Beslan speaks volumes for the level of barbarity that can attact itself to "Allahu Akbar!"

From the assassinations of 58 tourists at the pyramids to the murder of medical missionaries in Yemen, the drumbeat of Islamification goes on relentlessly. Ms. Khan must occasionally turn on the TV to see the major headlines are all about the latest outrage committed in her religion's name. Often also of some other apostate Muslim sect. Today, the headliner is the suspected Muslim bombing of the commuter trains of Mumbai (always my beloved Bombay to me). It has all the hallmarks of another al-Qaeda operation. Yet, all over the Islamic world, you have people naming their male children Osama.

We are not talking about Kahane and Graham, who, despite their rhetoric, have never mounted devastating suicide attacks against Muslims. If they did, we would not be honouring them by naming our children after them. In fact, there would be a furious backlash against them by the Jewish and Christian communities. Their fellowers would be monitored by the police agencies and we would appaud those efforts. Ms. Khan has not witnessed terrorist attacks against Muslims by Jews or Christians. Yet, we have foiled a terrorist plan to kill thousands of innocent Canadians by her homegrown co-religionists. The breaking of a few windows in a mosque is not of the same magnitude. Is there Islamophobia in the West? You bet there is. And no amount of handwringing by multiculturalists is going to change the reality on the ground. We now see--after Sept 11, the massive Arabic arson incidents in France and the break-up of numerous terrorist cells across the West--the handwriting of seditous zealots writ large.

Maybe Ms. Khan would like to write another article detailing what she and her moderate brethern are going to do about the Taliban or Darfur, along with the vile messages from some of our "Islamic scholars" here in Canada.

© Bud Talkinghorn--As for Kahane and Graham, they should be banned. We have enough resident fanatics here already.

Funny how so many seem to be the spawn of what entered Canada as a result of liberal immigration and refugee policies ... NJC


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