July 10, 2006

July 10, 2006: A must read -- guns

100 guns seized in police raids -- Eight arrested after 14-month push against firearms trafficking Neal Hall, Vancouver Sun, July 08, 2006

[....] More than 100 guns were seized, including military assault rifles, submachine guns equipped with silencers and fully automatic handguns that police say were destined for criminals involved in the illegal drug trade. [....]

The weapons were destined to be used by criminals in attempted murders, drive-by shootings and other crimes, said RCMP Insp. Andy Richards of the B.C. Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, which targets organized crime.

"A thriving illegal gun trade was uncovered," he said. "I admit, it was a bit of an eye opener for senior investigators."

He said police disrupted a "significant group" of independent gun traffickers, but added: "There are other groups out there." [....]

The RCMP's anti-terrorist squad, the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team ......

[Scroll down to ]

WEAPONS NABBED [the list ....]

Accused Weapon Traffickers

Those arrested during the E-Portal project: [....]

Arrest warrants have also been issued for:

Henry Omidi, 31, of Coquitlam. Charged with two counts of possession of firearms with serial numbers removed, unlawful possession of firearms, possession of prohibited devices (large capacity magazines) and conspiracy to traffic weapons.

Roberto Dela Pena Banez, 37, of Surrey. Charged with three counts of conspiracy to traffic weapons, possession of firearms for trafficking and unauthorized possession of firearms.

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