May 05, 2006

May 5, 2006: Police Officer Down, Windsor--Breaking News

Just heard and reports include, from a couple of sources, but nothing is certain:

Windsor, Ontario: A police officer has reportedly been gunned down, may have been by one of two (or three) teenagers outside a convenience store; teens have been detained but it may just be for questioning, and the gun has been retrieved in the neighbourhood. A massive manhunt is underway for a possible other suspect, a possible third(?) suspect.

Compare the Two Sentences and the Crimes

Jean Breault had his sentence overturned and will spend 30 months in jail for defrauding Canadian taxpayers of $1+ million dollars.

Stanley Smith, a former VP of RJR-MacDonald Tobacco who defrauded Canadian taxpayers of about $1-BILLION tax dollars got an EIGHT MONTHS CONDITIONAL SENTENCE. I believe this was a cross-border tobacco operation.

However, this may be a plea bargain for his testimony about others involved. Still, does this appear unseemly? Do you feel justice has been seen to be done? How much would a relatively small-time criminal get for growing pot? Crossing the border with pot? I am not talking about a grow-op which I assume is a large operation. Note what Jean Breault got. [from May 5, 06, Globe and Mail.]


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