May 02, 2006

Some are more equal ...

English-speaking Canadians are not supposed to notice, let alone mention, this type of activism. Consider yourself forewarned ... your tender sensitivities may be offended ... or you may agree ... enough, already.

I do not have a link for this so check for it. (emailed to me)

The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Saturday, April 29, 2006
French health networks approved -- Francophones in Ontario to have more of a say
Dave Rogers

The Ontario government has approved a recommendation to create four new health planning bodies giving francophones more control over their health care.

Madeleine Meilleur, the minister responsible for [provincial] francophone affairs, said yesterday the province will create four local health integration networks responsible for the planning and delivery of health care for francophones in different regions of Ontario.

The new francophone networks would have the same powers and responsibilities as the 14 current health integration networks the province has created to administer health care for other Ontario residents. The networks will be responsible for spending on a full range of services from community support agencies to hospitals.

Ms. Meilleur said the province is paying special attention to improving health care for francophones because they are in poorer health than anglophones as they have less access to primary health care.

Why, it's assymetrical! Another Liberal gift -- this time at the provincial level -- getting ready for an election?

With the above, came this. Not everyone is thrilled about the assymetrical nature of the application of bilingualism, particularly what they see as unfairness being granted ... all under the guise of "protecting".

Canadians for Language Fairness
April 30, 2006

Whoever thought that 4.5% of the population [I assume this refers to the percentage in Ontario] can have so much power? I guess that if you have political clout, you can demand just about anything!! Madeleine Meilleur has managed to achieve her goal - the 4.5% French-speakers will now control the quality of care for themselves and can demand more health-care services in French. So not only will we have to bilingualize all medical facilities, "French-only" clinics will now be increased, depending on the demands of French-speakers. What criteria will be used to create such clinics where Francophones will have a shorter waiting list? What is the cost of such facilities per client? You can bet your bottom dollar that it will be more than for the rest of us. Just like the right to education in the French-language - schools are being built to accommodate smaller numbers and where English-language schools will be closed for being economically non-viable, French-language schools are kept open. To educate a child in French costs more than to educate a child in the English system. We can look forward to the same higher cost for medical services to the French-speakers of Ontario. Wonderful for the French, not so wonderful for the rest of us as the already under-funded medical services are further cut back.

It won't be long before Ontario is declared "officially bilingual" - something that Madame Meilleur has promised the French-speakers of Ontario. The McGuinty Liberal government has promised to cooperate to the fullest. The trouble is that the Provincial Conservative Party won't have the power to do anything about it. The Conservative government of Mike Harris capitulated on the Montfort and now that hospital is getting large amounts of funding. Any advertisement for more public funds never mentions the fact that this is a French hospital and even if the service is provided in both English & French, the administration will be in French and few (if any) unilingual English speaking nurses will be employed.

Time to look for a political party that will take our issue seriously? Check out the Freedom Party!! How about the Libertarian Party?

Check for information on these parties. I have heard of them but know almost nothing about them.

Canadians for Language Fairness -- CLF

I believe English Canada is beginning to realize that what was touted as 'fairness', (which turned into a 'right' with Quebec PM's or those pandering to Quebec, Acadians, some Manitobans) often results in unfairness, particularly with respect to garnering the highly-remunerated administrative / government positions -- because of language, from which positions they push for more and more 'fairness' ... a vocal group never satisfied with 'service', still demanding more. I suspect provision of 'service' was never the object and the fact that most Canadians cannot work for their own federal government, except at the low level jobs, is becoming a rallying point for those who have seen their rights walked over in the push to accede to demands from the francophones of Canada. Is it unwise that they push too far? I suspect so, but decide for yourself.

Are you beginning to see the chickens coming home ....... ?


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