April 30, 2006

April 30, 2006: #1

Ted Byfield, Apr. 30, 06

The same contempt was apparent earlier this month when the presidents of three Ontario public school unions denounced the Harper proposal as "a hollow public relations exercise." What other explanation could there be?

To them, the notion that Harper could be acting on the sincerely-held principle that the education of children is primarily a parental responsibility, not a state one, was obviously incomprehensible.

We should also be conscious that these are the same public school educators who view it as their obligation to disabuse children of the "bigotries" of their parents, teaching them "what it means to be a Canadian"-- that the narrow prejudices of their parents must be discarded if they are to live in the New Canada, etc.

If the Harper bill survives, parents will be able to put their kids in private day cares, or in church day cares, or let mothers stay home and care for their children themselves, an abhorrent negligence in the view of these teachers' unions.

Choice For Childcare | Groups calling for funding of daycare lobbyists to stop via Jacksnewswatch.info

OTTAWA - The Institute for Canadian Values is calling on the federal government to end direct funding of daycare advocacy groups that engage in lobbying for what it calls “a partisan Liberal policy agenda”.

“Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars have been ploughed into pro-Liberal advocacy organizations every year for years,” said Joseph Ben-Ami, Executive Director of the Institute for Canadian Values. “Many of these groups are little more than partisan lobbyists for Liberal party policy that haven’t created a single daycare space with the huge quantities of money they receive. Continuing to fund them is simply wrong. [. . . . ]

In the House of Commons

Apparently the mainstream media failed to comment on this. Where Poppies Grow And Liberals Blow SmallDeadAnimals, via R, Apr. 28, 06

"Not so happy was I, watching the Liberals soil the poppy for a cheap and sleazy parlor trick."

Brits Finally Start Checking On Galloway -- Oil for Food Galloway

BRITISH diplomats in Baghdad have asked Tariq Aziz, Iraq’s former deputy prime minister, to help an investigation into allegations that George Galloway was given cash by Saddam Hussein under the Oil-for-Food programme.

The Jean Chretien Liberal gift that keeps on giving: "Damaged sub won't be repaired until 2010" G&M, Apr. 29, 06

Muslims in Sweden want 'separate laws' -- Sweden's largest Muslim organization has demanded that Sweden introduce separate laws for Muslims.

What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to ... appease.

Captain Ed: Join The 101st Fighting Keyboardists! -- "those of us who support the war on terror and use our blogs to express our convictions about it." chose to "adopt the chicken hawk as our mascot."

[. . . . ] UPDATE V: I'm getting swamped with recruits for the Fighting Keebees! We're up to 66 members already, and I'm behind on adding more. (If you've already sent me an e-mail, be patient -- I'm trying to catch up.) I've posted the blogroll code below. Replace the bracket characters with the sideways-carat characters when you plug this into your website:

The Mike Adams action figure -- just one example: “If you are easily offended by free speech on campus, I have just the solution: Get the hell out of college.”" Apr 26, 2006, by Mike S. Adams, townhall.com

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and is a regular columnist for Townhall.com

Warning: This is a Mike Adams column. It may contain language that may be offensive to some readers.

Last week, several leftists at the University of New Hampshire tried to have my speech cancelled on the grounds that it might be too offensive. They tried to convince some administrators that a number of my offensive statements rendered me ineligible to speak in a climate that focuses on tolerance and diversity. Since they were unsuccessful, I thought I would give them a hand in the future.
With the help of a former College Republican President at Auburn University, I am planning to develop and market a new Mike Adams Action Figure. The figure will summarize my positions on various issues in my presidential campaign with the push of a button. It will also give liberals access to my most offensive statements as they try to cancel my speeches on campuses across the nation. [. . . . ]

Instapundit: WRITING IN FORBES, NICK SCHULZ notes something I've been wondering about -- if high gas prices are hurting consumers as much as news accounts say, how come consumers aren't changing their behavior? Apr. 26, 06

Charles Adler: Harper arming his left-wing critics

Adler means well, I suspect, but the Lib/leftwing/Toronto-centric mainstream media will find something to criticize no matter what our PM does or does not do. What is the point of answering their criticism? Harper has gained respect by following tradition and continuing to work -- mainstream media be d*****! Let them spend their time building up the next leftist Emperor so the citizenry won't find out that likely he has no clothes.

Williamson: The new pornographers—kids April 17-23, 2006, Posted On: 4/17/2006, Commentary by Amanda Williamson

Parents today shouldn’t just worry about whether or not their kids are consuming porn; they should worry about whether or not their kids are participating in, producing and selling it.[....]

make thousands of dollars a month [....]

Parents, this is a must read article.

'Dateline' Pedophile Sting: One More Point -- NBC Collaboration Raises Eyebrows as Well as Awareness Paul Farhi, Washington Post, Apr. 9, 06 h/t CNEWS Forum Convicts on the internet [ http://www.canoe.ca/mb2/messages/cnewsf/9617.html ]

Making a mockery of legal equality Colby Cosh, Apr. 19, 06 --

Nonetheless, it is obvious from the contortions of the appeal court that human rights codes suppressing certain opinions are not only inimical to free speech; they're also incompatible with legal equality. And the consequence of Owens vs. Saskatchewan is not that, in Lorne's words, "Canadians are slightly freer again to voice their beliefs." It's simply that one special interest has won a provisional victory against another.

Mexico proposes decriminalizing pot and cocaine Reuters, Apr. 26, 06, via danielmryan posted Apr. 29, 06

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Owning marijuana, cocaine and even heroin will no longer be a crime in Mexico if the drugs are carried in small amounts for personal use, under legislation passed by the Congress.

Police will not penalize people for possessing up to 5 grams of marijuana, 5 grams of opium, 25 milligrams of heroin or 500 milligrams of cocaine, under a bill passed by senators late on Thursday and earlier approved by the lower house.

People caught with larger quantities of drugs will be treated as narcotics dealers and face increased jail terms under the plan.

The government says the measure allows police to focus on major drug dealers, and President Fox is expected to sign it into law.

Would that mean police in Mexico could expedite the movement of some products in the border area ... that their time would not be wasted on the small stuff?

Valle de la luna

ICAAN or the UN?

Move Toward Web Site Anonymity -- re: whois, privacy, law-enforcement, financial fraud, trademark violation ..... Carl Limbacher and NewsMax.com Staff, April 28, 2006

It might please individuals, but has some negative impacts, particularly for law enforcement in undermining the criminal element. Read to the end on this one.

Asper Foundation Holocaust and Human Rights Studies Program

Education Sessions: Winter/Spring 2006
Trip To Washington D.C. May 21 - May 24, 2006

Download the 2006 Program Brochure (pdf file 569 KB) or see the program's webpage.

Kathakali -- Google cache

Kathakali is the classical dance-drama of Kerala, South India, which dates from the 17th century and is rooted in Hindu mythology. Kathakali has a unique combination of literature, music, painting, acting and dance. In the following pages we have placed photographs and videos of Kathakali performances and songs by famous Kathakali singers. [. . . . ]

Reserves a dead end -- Pat MacAdam, Apr. 30, 06

Will the politicians show some backbone and put an end to the incessant rounds of Native land claims and stop rubber-stamping dubious demands? Will they, one day, realize that ceding lands does not improve the lot of an individual Native one whit — unless there are oil or precious minerals on the land?

Doug Fisher: House less than sturdy

Almost every political “stakeholder” group in the country seems to have a stake in this budget. Many fear they may lose out in how the federal purse is divided. All this during a period of imbalance in media commentary which is hostile to Harper. This budget’s approval is a very dicey proposition.

Peter Worthington: The Final Say Apr. 29, 06

[....] Brian Mulroney won the Tory leadership before he was elected to anything, but Brian was loquacious, a schmoozer and at home in the back and front rooms of party politics -- unlike Ignatieff, who is disarmingly gauche.

[....] Looking at the fragmented state of the Opposition parties, especially the Liberals (even after they choose a leader!), I'll be surprised if PM Stephen Harper waits long after Dec. 2 before calling an election. Harper is no Joe Clark and can count.

He may have irritated the media of late with his autocratic style, but not the country. For better or for worse, a Conservative majority is waiting to happen. [....]

In his own defence: Sponsorship scandal accused Chuck Guite to represent himself in court Allison Hanes, Apr. 29, 06

Mr. Guite's claim of empty pockets is a complaint that is echoing through family and civil court as well.

"Lawyers are pricing themselves right out of the business," said Stacy Robb, founder of DADS Canada, a Toronto service that helps mainly men prepare to handle their own divorce and child custody cases in court.

[....] Frank Addario, vice-president of the Ontario-based Criminal Lawyers Association, attributes the high cost of a legal defence to two sources.

"Litigation is more complex now for a variety of reasons based on the ways police investigate, Crowns prosecute and defendants defend," he said. "Governments haven't kept pace. They increased funding to police and to prosecutors -- which necessarily means better prepared cases against defendants. But they haven't likewise increased funding to legal aid."

[....] Judges also find themselves negotiating a sensitive minefield of interests

[....] married the child on her 10th birthday.

One of the finer things in life

Love those vintages from down under -- Something for everyone: Greg Norman gets two nods for Aussie reds Michael Vaughan, Apr. 29, 06

[....] Hitting the shelves are some 43 reds and 11 whites. Of the whites, if I had to choose one, it would have to be Pipers Brook Vineyards' Ninth Island 2005 Pinot Grigio (683193) at $19.95, which was my highest-scoring white.

[....] Vintages Essential Greg Norman 2003 Limestone Coast Shiraz (575092), [....]

There are more goodies.

Lack of respect offensive to all Bishop Henry, Apr. 30, 06

I also see hope when the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Calgary, the Calgary Council of Churches, with representation from: Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic and United Church Communities, the Hussaini Association of Calgary, the Ismaili Muslim Council for the Prairies, the Jewish Council of Calgary and the Muslim Council of Calgary can issue a joint statement which states:
"The Christian, Jewish, and Muslim communities have common roots and share common values. It is this shared heritage that reminds us of the importance of holding what is sacred with the utmost respect.

Gordon Hoffman has made lives of thousands of Canadians better Paul Jackson, Apr. 22, 06

A wonderful good news article.

Compassion and murder have nothing in common -- re: mercy killing Ian Robinson, Apr. 30, 06

I've always believed that in most cases of so-called mercy killing, it's an act performed not because the patient couldn't stand it, but because the person standing next to the bed couldn't stand it, and was -- in essence -- a selfish act.

False alarm for eagle watchers Elianna Lev, Apr. 30, 06

Supremes get DNA decision right Mindelle Jacobs, Apr. 30, 06

All in all, the court made it clear that serious offenders will have to get used to the idea that the state’s interest in obtaining their DNA supercedes their individual rights. [. . . . ]

The larger our DNA data bank, the more thugs will be caught. [. . . . ]

Intel to undergo broad restructuring -- ‘No stone will remain unturned or unlooked at,’ CEO says AP, April 27, 2006

[. . . . ] Otellini said he is confident Intel will regain market share in the second half of the year, once the company starts shipping chips based on a new blueprint. Dubbed the “Core” microarchitecture, the design will deliver as much as 40 percent better performance while consuming 40 percent less power compared with Intel’s current top-of-the-line offerings.

Core chips will start shipping in June when Intel introduces a processor code-named “Woodcrest,” for server computers. A month later, Intel will start selling its “Conroe” processor for desktops. A Core chip for notebooks will follow in August. [. . . . ]

Internet Trolls Timothy Campbell, January 27 2006

There are several items on this webpage, among them, Prophet of Decline -- An interview with Oriana Fallaci. Tunku Varadarajan, June 23, 05, posted by EdS, Apr. 12, 06

Ms. Fallaci speaks in a passionate growl: "Europe is no longer Europe, it is 'Eurabia,' a colony of Islam, where the Islamic invasion does not proceed only in a physical sense, but also in a mental and cultural sense. Servility to the invaders has poisoned democracy, with obvious consequences for the freedom of thought, and for the concept itself of liberty." Such words--"invaders," "invasion," "colony," "Eurabia"--are deeply, immensely, Politically Incorrect; and one is tempted to believe that it is her tone, her vocabulary, and not necessarily her substance or basic message, that has attracted the ire of the judge in Bergamo (and has made her so radioactive in the eyes of Europe's cultural elites).

"Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder," the historian Arnold Toynbee wrote, and these words could certainly be Ms. Fallaci's. She is in a black gloom about Europe and its future: "The increased presence of Muslims in Italy, and in Europe, is directly proportional to our loss of freedom."

11 people face charges in eagle poaching Elianna Lev, Apr. 30, 06

Investigators said the animal parts were being sold for artistic and ceremonial purposes. Eagle talons and feathers are used in traditional native regalia such as head dresses and fans.

[....] The accused are James Carl Joseph, Gary Abbott, Ralph Leon, Reynold Collins, David Essary Bill, Wesley Francis, Thomas Lawrence Shaw, Francis James, William Michael Visser, Jerome Richard Seymour and William Arthur Seymour.

Meanwhile, two Ontario men who were in possession of illegal animal parts were arrested last weekend at the Washington-B.C. border. Investigators would not say whether they were connected with the B.C. men facing charges.

Silence is golden -- "They say the advantages of wearing pheromones include an increase in self-esteem, feelings of desire and heightened sex appeal, more looks, an added boost in business affairs, a rejuvenation of a current relationship and influence on sensual behaviour." Valerie Gibson, Apr. 30, 06

Should one buy some stock or wear it?

Catch-22 condoms Marianne Meed Ward, Apr. 30, 06

But the cardinal from Belgium goes even further. He calls sex by an infected person without a condom a sin -- since that person is violating the commandment "thou shall not kill." He also said women have a right to insist that their infected husbands wear a condom, because women have a right to self defence.

A lesser evil? Would this create a schism?

Global governance starts at kindergarten and primary

Found on the way to looking for something else ...

[....] 3. A learning demonstration for primary education should be developed using best-practice models from around the world. Organizations such as IDRC, CIDA, the Aga Khan Foundation, SchoolNet, BRAC (Bangladesh), and the Tele-Learning Network of Centres of Excellence should be involved, in collaboration with the private sector. Such a package should provide information on best practices to educators in North and South. This learning demonstration could have a positive effect on development education in Canada and internationally. The next step might be for CIDA to provide a short write-up to BRAC or similar organizations to see if there is an interest in collaboration.

There is great difficulty having a conversation across the public sector/private sector divide. Canada should develop new techniques for these conversations.

Next Steps

The concluding session was chaired by Arthur Hanson, President of IISD. He pledged early action by the sponsors to expand the Steering Committee and the process to include more representatives from the private sector and others not present at the search conference. The process would eventually be expanded to include potential clients from developing countries.

IISD, IDRC and NSI will continue to take the lead in developing and implementing an Action Plan. CIDA will be invited to become a core member of the group. The Action Plan should include a focus on protocol diplomacy at the global level, as demonstrated in the environmental field. It should also include a leadership role in information and communications and the creation of virtual institutions to tie together pockets of expertise from across Canada.

The Steering Committee needs to further develop ideas on how to link Canadian capacity to international demand in fields such as basic education, health and sustainable development. In the case of health, a clear model needs to be articulated and to develop it, additional participants need to be involved. The goal should be to develop a cost-efficient way of building health care systems, using Canadian experience from both the private and public sectors.

In the case of education, the workshop has recommended a focus on primary education, distance education and tele-learning. This needs more work and consultation with existing educational institutions. A follow-up meeting could be held in the fall, with the private sector. It is important that such a gathering be a success from the perspective of business. This will require careful planning by the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee needs feedback from participants in this workshop on the process and substance for future events and activities. Suggestions for new relationships with the private sector are needed. The term 'knowledge broker' should be forgotten or replaced.

DFAIT will be fully briefed on workshop discussions and their relevance to the Canadian International Information Strategy, especially in relation to international development.
The three sponsors will work together to plan a schedule of steps during the summer, including meetings with the private sector. CIDA will be invited to join the sponsor group and the Steering Group will be expanded to include other key institutions. It may be useful to set up a series of specific dialogues or meta fora; a business forum, a health forum, an education forum, etc., to explore each area by having a public conversation about Canada's role in global development and to design international plans of action.

Search: Appendix A: Search Conference Participants

Day of Silence

[concan] April 26, 2006

Day of Silence
—Albert Mohler

Thousands of schools all over America are expected to observe the "Day of Silence," an event sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, or GLSEN.

[bulldog905] "Homosexuality has gone from "the love that dare not speak its name" to "the love that won't shut up."
Patrick J. Buchanan

[shiva] "I'd say the people who are being silenced are the parents who are not allowed to object to GBLT issues being insidiously brought into the curriculum. If you dare object you become a bigoted homophobe and that's the end of the discussion.

Is it not possible for people to grasp that just because we don't want our children indoctrinated does not mean we "hate" or wish to "silence" homosexuals? There's a huge difference between "acceptance" of homosexuality and the need to immerse children in the details of the homosexual lifestyle."

[rwebb] They're saying that society as a whole is silent about violence against gays.

Balance ...... Parents' wishes concerning what they want taught to their children should be respected, as well. I suspect most parents just want the "in your face public displays" and sexuality taught in the schools to end. They want the gay/lesbian crowd to afford them respect for their views, perhaps leave the sex and sexuality teaching to the parents and out of the schools, except for avoiding STD's. These parents do not wish to see violence visited on gays and lesbians. Of course, this may not be possible since some parents won't or may not talk with their children. Being able to have public education money allotted to whatever school the parents choose would allow choice in this, and in other matters.


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