April 26, 2006

Updated Contributions to Mankind: #2

#1: Ananda, Pagan, Burma / Myanmar
#2: Borobodur, Central Java, Indonesia
#3: Craftsman, Pagan, Burma / Myanmar
#4: Thatbyinnu, Pagan, Burma / Myanmar

Borobodur, Central Java


Borobudur: Pathway to Enlightenment

Thatbyinnyu Temple - Pagan, Burma

BUDDHIST ARCHITECTURE AT BAGAN (PAGAN), MYANMAR (formerly BURMA). Bob Hudson, University of Sydney, Australia, Updated January 2006

Hudson's website is full of information (see menu at left) such as HOW DO THEY MAKE THOSE BRONZE BUDDHA STATUES? some photographs from Mandalay of the "lost wax" process of making bronze artifacts.

Dictators "Defacing" Famed Burma Temples, Editor Says TravelWatch, Jonathan B. Tourtellot, National Geographic Traveler, Updated September 3, 2004

The military dictators of Burma (Myanmar) are defacing Pagan's dreamy field of timeworn medieval Buddhist temples (Traveler, January/February 2004) with a trumped-up "restoration" and improvements more suited in ways to a recreation center than to one of Southeast Asia's greatest archaeological heritage sites.

Within the 20 or so square miles (50 square kilometers) known as Pagan (also spelled Bagan) stand the ruins of more than 2,000 buildings—domed pagodas, spires, ziggurats—mostly built between the 11th and 14th centuries. [. . . . ]


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