May 05, 2006

May 5, 2006: #2 -- Coincidence

Found on the way to searching something or other, I found the following which mentions Maurice Strong and the Aga Khan, among many others.

The article accompanying the maps is intriguing but would need more research than I care to expend on a sunny day. The map comparisons are intriguing though I'm not convinced of the rest of it, yet. There is much intriguing information in this. Read and judge for yourself

1001 Club or here Author: Joël van der Reijden, Written: August 14, 2005

[. . . . ] There are 2 types of parks: nature parks and strategic parks. The official purpose of the nature parks is the protection of nature. Often, these parks contain important minerals like diamond or uranium. Locals are encouraged to leave or simply chased away. Type 2 are the strategic parks. If you look carefully you'll find that these parks are either located on certain ridges useful for military observation, or they are border transcending parks like for example those in South-Africa and Mozambique... It is remarkable that corridors have been projected in such a way that they cleverly combine the preservation of nature with the gaining of a military advantage... [. . . . ]

[If] you take a look at Pakistan, our 'ally' in the War on Terror, you'll see 5 major national parks in the north of the country. One is located at the border with India, another at the border with China, and yet another one at the border with Northern Afghanistan. The management of these parks is working closely together with the IUCN and the WWF. The Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) of 1001 Club member Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan is another partner in many of the same projects in that area.

[....] Founded by 1001 Club member Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan. According to the World Bank in 2002: "By many measures the Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) is a highly successful NGO-run rural development program. It reaches some 900,000 people in about 1,100 villages in the Northern Areas and Chitral District of Pakistan, near the Afghanistan border."

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