August 15, 2005

Clinton Lawyers: Mohamed Atta Off-Limits, Ebola in China? Answer to an Apologist for Chinese Dictatorship

Clinton Lawyers: Mohamed Atta Off-Limits Aug. 12, 2005

WELDON: In September of 2000 we tried on three occasions to take the information we had developed and pass it along to the FBI so they could follow up and take action against this [al-Qaida] cell and perhaps bring in Atta and question him and do whatever else was necessary.

Three times we were turned down by lawyers in the administration.

HANNITY: We're talking about lawyers in the Clinton administration?

WELDON: Yes, it was the Clinton administration. [. . . . ]

Don't miss the rest of this one and check Powerline's article on the subject.

WHO questions Communists’ “pig fever” diagnosis; one doctor claims it’s Ebola Aug. 2, 05 -- via News of the Day (August 11), China-e-lobby

WHO questions Communists’ “pig fever” diagnosis; one doctor claims it’s Ebola: The World Health Organization “urged China to carry out further tests on the disease, saying the high mortality rate could mean other factors were involved as well as streptococcus suis” (BBC). It is the first time the WHO – still banned by the Communists from coming anywhere near the afflicted area (eighth item) – publicly challenged the cadres’ assertion that the disease that has killed over 30 is “pig fever.” Meanwhile, the Free China Forum, an internet BBS, “posted an interview transcript with Doctor Wang” (Epoch Times). She examined the virus and actually found it to be Ebola.

My Answer to an Apologist for Chinese Dictatorship Lev Navrozov, Aug. 12, 2005

Lev Navrozov's book Online is

[. . . . ] In 1989, the dictator of China staged that armored attack on unarmed, peaceful Chinese because he feared (and correctly so) the collapse of his dictatorship (as in Russia two years later) and wanted to teach the Chinese a lesson.

Taiwan – and the West! – are just huge Tiananmen Squares to the dictatorship of China. Their independent existence is subversive to the dictatorship of China (those in Tiananmen Square had a replica of the Statue of Liberty). A pretext has to be invented to enable the dictator of China to crush Taiwan (if the dictator decides that the United States will not defend it) just as the dictator crushed those in Tiananmen Square. [. . . . ]

There is much more than this.


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