March 14, 2005

Slaughter And 'Submission' -- Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali lives with death threats -- her story, film 'Submission' for which Theo Van Gogh was murdered

A controversial film has offended Muslims worldwide and led to the murder of a Dutch director. Morley Safer speaks to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the creator of the film, "Submission," who has been threatened with death

Slaughter And 'Submission' CBS 60 Minutes, Mar. 13, 05

[. . . . ] The movie, "Submission," was directed by Holland’s most controversial film maker, Theo Van Gogh, a descendant of the painter Vincent Van Gogh, and a national gadfly, who made a career insulting everyone, no matter their faith, race or gender.

[. . . . Ayaan Hirsi Ali ] lives in hiding with round-the-clock security.

“Submission” was right up Van Gogh's alley, but it wasn’t his idea. The movie was written and conceived by a 35-year-old Muslim woman, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a member of the Dutch parliament, and a relentless critic of the way Islam treats women.

[. . . . ] Paul Scheffer, a professor of sociology at the University of Amsterdam, says people of faith of every kind are welcome, so long as they understand that in Dutch democracy, virtually nothing is sacred.

"You can’t live here with a holy book that is above or beyond our democracy. Your holy book will be the object of criticism," says Scheffer. "It will be the object of interpretation, and sometimes of ridicule. And if you can't accept that, you can't live here."

[. . . . ] "By not making 'Submission Part II,' I would only be helping terrorists believe that if they use violence, they're rewarded with what they want," says Hirsi Ali.

Will she submit to the threats? "Not me," she says [. . . . ]

What an admirable and courageous woman -- to try to help other women by shining light upon what others would hide! She could have lived quietly for she had been able to move to Holland where women are free; now, she will shine more light on the plight of Muslim women abused and slaughtered by men.

I expect her next film to deal with the honour killing of women, women who are sent from the West to their ancestral home countries to be killed -- and everyone turns a blind eye. -- Is it too much trouble to fight or is it votes from an identifiable ethnic / religious community that brings about the blindness?

In Canada, do you remember the court case in St. Catharines, Ontario? Parents -- clitorectomy -- found not guilty?


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