March 12, 2005

A Tribute To Our Four Fallen Brothers

The following comes via Jack's News Watch. He wants people to read it.

When you have finished reading, check his site for news items; I shall post little for a while as I have other commitments. Jack will keep you up-to-date, I am sure.

A Tribute To Our Four Fallen Brothers

As four Mounties stood facing their Maker,

which prematurely for them came to pass,

They bowed down to see their boots shining brightly,

just like in their first academy class.

"Stand to attention, you four brave young constables,

What shall justice now deal each of you?

Have you turned the other cheek while serving your Master?

Or have you all been True Blue through and through?"

The first constable, with squared shoulders, said

"No sir, I guess I ‘ain't,

because those of us who carry such weighty badges

can't always live life like our Saints.”

The second confessed he’d worked most Sundays

and that at times his talk was quite rough,

but that to control such senseless violence,

sometimes words were simply just not enough…

The third confessed he’d never took a penny,

that wasn't rightfully his to keep,

Though he’d worked so many hours of overtime

to cover family bills when they just got too steep.

The fourth constable stated he never passed a cry for help

though inside he had occasionally shook with fear,

“and once,” he said quite meekly,

“I've wept lonely in silence many tears.”

The constables agreed together, that they were not sure

if they deserved to rest with the best;

their life had been one of selfless serving;

and they were so used to receiving much less…

“But if there’s a place for us here,” said the four humble Mounties,

“it really need not be too grand,”

“we don’t expect, nor have had too much,

so if there’s no room, well, we all understand."

Then a silence fell throughout all of heaven

While the Saints nodded together as they stood,

over the souls of the four young slain Mounties,

awaiting final judgment from God - Bad or Good?

"Stand at ease, you four brave young constables,

You have borne too many burdens so well,

Come walk a beat on Heaven’s street;

For you’ve proven your metal in Hell…

And to your brothers on Earth who are all now in mourning,

the sad loss of four of Canada’s best,

they’ll one day stand here with you shoulder to shoulder,

And as brothers in arms you will rest.”

Detective Larry Wieda, Boulder Police, Colorado & Constable Ian Barraclough, Vancouver Police, Canada


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