March 12, 2005

The Shotgun: Kevin Steele-Former Health Canada Asst. Deputy Minister Paul Cochrane Pleading Guilty-Huge Scandal-Millions-Native Treatment Centre

Western Standard / Shotgun Does the Job -- Mainstream Media Remiss

The mainstream media have been 'conveniently' remiss, I think, in order to maintain the status quo; thus they downplay news like this to protect those who don't want this information to roam too far into the minds of the electorate -- who might demand more transparency and accountability -- the kind of thing ex-Liberal Minister Robert Nault wanted to bring about. For his troubles, where is he today? Did he get a patronage position?

Once he leaves government, will the minister in charge of native affaurs and reserves, the present Minister, Andy Scott, get a patronage position for failing to insist on further investigation of the information about drugs coming into the Labrador Innu communities -- the communities that already have alcoholism and glue sniffing, along with other problems. He did manage to get a treaty agreement with at least one Innu chief who had previously been unhappy with the government. How was that accomplished in one publicized meeting?

The Shotgun: Kevin Steele Mar. 11, 05 -- Conspiracy of delusion , the TrackBack URL

I'm having a little trouble finding a link to a Winnipeg Free Press story this morning about former Health Canada assistant deputy minister Paul Cochrane pleading guilty in a huge scandal--millions of dollars in funds--involving a Native treatment centre on the Sagkeeng First Nation. You would think a story about a scandal this size might make it onto our country's newswire service...

[. . . . ] And here is the story about Cochrane in full:

Man to plead guilty in health scandal: Accused alleged to have accepted bribes from Native health centreThe StarPhoenix (Saskatoon)
Fri 11 Mar 2005
Page: B7
Section: National
Byline: Paul Samyn
Source: Winnipeg Free Press

OTTAWA -- The former Health Canada assistant deputy minister at the centre of a multimillion-dollar scandal involving Native health care is expected to plead guilty today to two fraud charges as part of plea bargain, the Winnipeg Free Press has learned.

Paul Cochrane's appearance in an Ottawa courtroom this morning will come with a recommendation from the Crown that he receive a one-year jail term and two years probation, senior government sources say. [. . . . ]

Get the rest online at the Shotgun.

Kevin Steele is funny and informative. Make a habit of checking the Western Standard and the blog section, The Shotgun; the writers are like junkyard dogs following the scent. (Thanks to JD for that apt phrase.)

Adscam Memorial Golf Balls -- a remembrance of things past -- a perfect gift for the today's Canadians.

This tickles my funny bone -- no, I don't get a cut. Why not pass them out at the Conservative Convention in Montreal? Many would pay for them.


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