March 12, 2005

New Illuminati, Cdn. Aid to China, China textiles, Bud Talkinghorn: Dear Lou Dobbs

The New Illuminati CCD website

[. . . . ] The Illuminati (control yourself, kind reader) are (take a deep breath) do-gooding 'Rights Maniacs'. Yes. Those friendly folks in your neighbourhood and thousands of other upper middle class places where those who want to control the world live. These protestors, liberal voters, anti-smokers and supporters of grooms marrying grooms. Those solemn jurists in their black gowns with crisp white collars who make up laws as they go along with the end goal to equalize everyone. Those politicians to whom every cause is a priority and who promote a world where no one should ever go wanting for anything. The Multiculturalism Hucksters. The Rights Advocates. The Equality-for-All Gang. The new elite who knows what's best for everybody, never having asked everybody what they want. [. . . . ]

Minister backs aid to China -- Tory urges end to funding of regime -- MP cites record on human rights Mar. 10, 2005, Andrew Mills, The Star

OTTAWA—International Trade Minister Aileen Carroll has rejected a suggestion that Canada stop sending aid money to China.

The suggestion from Alberta Conservative MP Ted Menzies came during question period in the Commons yesterday.

"In the past decade the Liberal government has spent a billion dollars in foreign aid to China despite its violent human rights record and authoritarian regime. This does not reflect Canadian values of good governance or respect for human rights," Menzies said.

But Carroll immediately rejected any notion of aid to China being stopped.[. . . . ]

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At this point, it seems appropriate to direct your attention to this article; do not miss China textiles -- US

Dear Lou Dobbs

I am a Canadian who has followed your program and its emphasis on illegal immigration. We in Canada face the same government indifference to fraudulent entry and bogus refugee claims as you people do. Presently, we have over 36,000 people, who have been given deportation orders, but have simply been allowed to disappear into our huge ethnic ghettoes. So much for voluntarily showing up to be deported. The government won't even supply our police with full descriptions of these escaped deportees, citing "privacy concerns". The real reason is that the Liberals have traditionally depended on garnering the urban ethnic votes for parliamentary seats, so the velvet glove is extended to them. As well, thousamds of undocumented Muslim 'refugees' have been allowed to enter Canada, even after Sept/11. It is sickening to see such disregard for our safety, and subsequently, yours. As the government and the mainly liberal / Liberal leaning media controls the news outlets, this is rarely reported. Keep up the good work. This issue is crucial to our mutual survival.

© Bud Talkinghorn


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