March 09, 2005

Mosque founder tied to terror group -- CSIS spy chief reveals names -- Links men to Al Qaeda group -- & -- Klaus Rohrich: Canadian Terrorism

Mosque founder tied to terror group -- CSIS spy chief reveals names -- Links men to Al Qaeda group Mar. 9, 2005, Michelle Shephard and Tonda MacCharles, Toronto Star staff reporters

He was a founding director of a Scarborough mosque and a doting father who brought his children to the park for picnics on weekends.

Now he's been named as a key commander of a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda that's fighting against the Americans in Iraq.

The allegation was made this week by Jim Judd, director of Canada's spy service. [. . . . ]

Search: Hassan Farhat, Abdul Jaber, Abu Khalid, Canadian citizenship, Scarborough's, Salaheddin mosque, Islamic Centre, a Senate committee on terrorism, believed to be a member of a group affiliated with, Saeed Rasoul Sobrhatollah Muhammad, Ansar al-Islam, Seneca College, wife, Sulaymaniya, Masoud Rasoul, present imam, Dale Neufeld, threat-related activity, recruitment, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Masoud Rasoul, Muayyed Nureddin

If that doesn't get you to read this article, well . . .

"Canada, the country that is morally superior to all other countries, especially the United States" -- Klaus Rohrich

Canadian Terrorism Klaus Rohrich, August 19, 2004

[. . . . ] Not only are there terrorists in Canada, they have been operating here with impunity for more than 20 years; in some cases with the blessings and financial support of the Liberal government and its key politicians.

[. . . . Stewart] Bell also writes extensively about the Khadr family, calling their actions "the al Kanadi family Jihad". The Khadrs were members of the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in the Eglinton Ave./Kennedy Rd. area of Toronto. Ahmed Said Khadr, the patriarch, was an Egyptian immigrant to Canada, who founded an Islamic aid organization in Canada that funneled its proceeds into terrorist uses. Khadr, a good friend of Osama bin Laden, was implicated in a 1995 terrorist bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Karachi, Pakistan and had been held by Pakistani police. It was the efforts of our vaunted Prime Minister, the abovementioned Jean Chretien, that helped Khadr in winning his release from the Pakistani police. [. . . . ]

Search: Chretien, an outright lie

There is much more and note Bell's book and another.

Stewart Bell: Cold Terror (John Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd., 2004) or here for more information

Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis by Ye'or Bat (Author), Bat Ye'or (Author)


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