March 08, 2005

Important New Update to Hansard Post -- Stewart Bell on Keeping US-CA Border Open & CA Not Fighting Terrorism -- Gun Registry Poll - Go Vote!

Please note that this post has been updated because I omitted information that puts the Hansard exchanges into perspective; please note also that I have included more information from Hansard than was in yesterday's post.

Update Info. & Hansard: Mr. Peter MacKay, RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli & Hon. Anne McLellan

Canadians facing martyrdom death culture, author says Marshall Shapiro, Jewish Tribune

The primary terrorist activity in Canada is support, declared Stewart Bell, chief reporter for the National Post who has made a study of terrorism around the world and particularly in Canada.

Author of Cold Terror published by John Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd., Bell addressed a symposium chaired by Aurel Braun, University of Toronto professor of political science and international relations at the University’s Munk Centre for International Studies.

[. . . . ] “Our government is really afraid of acknowledging the problems that we have in this country. The Liberals decided right after 9/11 that their foreign policy priority was going to be in not fighting terrorism but keeping the Canada-US border open. Their concern became not so much counter-terrorism but public relations. They downplayed any suggestion that there was a problem with terrorism in Canada because they didn’t want to inflame the Americans or create any sentiment in Washington that would put up security at the border, slow north-south trade and hurt the Canadian economy.”

Gun registry poll

Do you feel the gun registry is an effective tool for controlling firearms in Canada? -- go and vote

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