March 08, 2005

Forensic Economists at Hawk’s CAFÉ: Power Corp. Pargesa Desmarais, Gomery- LaFleur, Chretien, Paul Martin, Poll, China-Taiwan

Company tripling water costs for African shantytown tied to Montreal based-Power Corp. Judi McLeod,, March 4, 2005

"Why didn’t you mention that Suez is run by the Montreal-based Power Corporation through Pargesa--Saddam’s and the Ba’ath Party investment bank in Geneva, when you wrote about thirsty children in the shantytown of Alexandra, Africa?" colleague David Hawkins wanted to know after reading last week’s Canada Free Press cover story, Johannesburg then and now.

Hawkins, Foundation Scholar-Cambridge University and founder of the Citizens Association of Forensic Economists at Hawk’s CAFÉ, misses nothing when it comes to forensic research. [. . . . ]

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Gomery & Honourable Mention of the Usual Suspects

Lafleur used magazine funds to buy Canadiens tickets Mar. 7, 05, Tu Thanh Ha, Globe and Mail, with a report from Daniel Leblanc

Montreal — Advertising executive Jean Lafleur used part of the $3.3-million that Ottawa and Crown corporations pumped into his money-losing train magazine to purchase Montreal Canadiens season tickets and pay for all-inclusive salmon fly-fishing trips, the Gomery inquiry heard Monday. [. . . . ]

"Chretien wants the Judge Gomery gone before he uncovers damning evidence against him"-- Ottawa's AdScam Scandal

Taxpayers' justice -- LINDA LEATHERDALE ASKS WHY THE SHAREHOLDERS OF THIS COUNTRY ARE SO POWERLESS WITH POLITICIANS March 6, 2005, Linda Leatherdale, Business Editor, Toronto Sun

HERE'S A burning question: If we can put fraudsters behind bars, and even force mutual fund firms to return ill-gotten gains to shareholders as regulators try to clean up our corrupt capital markets -- why are the shareholders of this country (taxpayers) so powerless when it comes to crooked politicians? [. . . . ]

88% of Federal Liberals Endorsed Paul Martin

Now, it is time for HMH Loyal Opposition Leader, Conservative Stephen Harper to lead us to the polls and to victory

- Federal Liberals provided Prime Minister Paul Martin with a strong endorsement Sunday by voting 88 per cent against holding a leadership convention, giving the PM breathing space as he moves to revitalize himself and his government after a difficult 16 months in office. The last time the Liberals met at a convention, Mr. Martin won the leadership with a 94-per-cent backing and was expected to win a massive majority. In his thank-you speech, Mr. Martin said he was grateful for support that he interpreted as a vote of confidence in his cabinet and government (Brian Laghi/Campbell Clark: G&M A10; Anne Dawson: EJ A5; NW 9:00 pm, CBC-T 10:00 pm, CTV-NN 10:00 pm, CTV 11:00 pm, Global 11:00 pm).

China unveils controversial law on Taiwan News Staff

China has unveiled a controversial law that would allow it to use force against Taiwan, if Taipei tries to make independence permanent

[. . . . ] China has repeatedly threatened to invade Taiwan, which split from the mainland in 1949. It is now threatening military action if independence is made permanent.

Taiwanese lawmakers reacted angrily to the law, denouncing it as a "blank check to invade."
[. . . . ]

Canadians wary of online casinos: poll -- Fear addictive pull of VLTs Sue Bailey, Canadian Press, Mar. 7, 05

OTTAWA (CP) - More than half of Canadians think playing Internet poker for cash is unacceptable, suggests a new Decima poll obtained by The Canadian Press.

Fifty-six per cent were against such a pastime, one-quarter had no problem with it, and the rest fell somewhere in the middle.

The poll, one of the most detailed snapshots to emerge of gambling attitudes, suggests great unease about online casinos. It also reveals a spike in public concern about addiction and lax regulation in regions where video lottery terminals are widespread. [. . . . ]

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