March 06, 2005

Another Gomery & Related Items Tour de Farce


John Crosbie: AdScam: Who's responsible? Mar. 6, 05, Toronto Sun

I like this man; he has a sense of humour. He's also realistic.

The Gomery commission is not a gormless commission, i.e. foolish or lacking sense, but has the potential to be one of the most important royal commissions ever.

If allowed to do the job, it will reveal whether Canada has a responsible and accountable government.

The significant point is not what its investigations may cost.

It is whether having had a Liberal government for so long has resulted in such damage that . . . .
[. . . . ]

John Crosbie has been there and knows a few things; he probably can make a good guess at where the bodies are buried. All the usual suspects get honourable mention.

Another column link: John Crosbie: PM's a hypocrite on human rights

Smoke and mirrors -- Canada's Military -- "Our military was lumped in with -- and symbolically followed -- tsunami relief and other foreign aid."

Doug Fisher: Liberals are paving the way to post-military future March 6, 2005, Ottawa Bureau

Supposedly the Armed Forces were the big winners in the federal budget. Wow! $12.8 billion in new funding promised for the next five years. Finance Minister Goodale boasted how this represents "the largest such increase in the last 20 years."

So one asks: Has Liberal thinking on defence changed? [. . . . ]

Doug Fisher has been around long enough to know something. He sees through the smoke and mirrors.

Soft on crime

Bob MacDonald: Feds must get tough on crooks Mar. 6, 05, Toronto Sun

COLLEEN MYROL, the mother of murdered RCMP Const. Brock Myrol, put it bluntly for all concerned Canadians when she stated:

"It's time that our government take a stand on evil ... It is time to take our liberal-minded attitude to task." [. . . . ]

Bob MacDonald tells it as it is -- a reality check.

Stephen Taylor - Conservative Commentary: "Mr Dithers" March 05, 2005

On February 17th, the Economist magazine printed an article called "Mr Dithers" and his distracting "fiscal cafeteria"

Yes, since his coronation in December of 2003, since the Sponsorship Scandal erupted in February 2004 and since he formed the first minority government in 25 years on June 28th, it is evident that Prime Minister Paul Martin has been particularly twitchy on the aspect of making a misstep and losing his tenuous hold on power. By his wariness of any direction he might take through any policy initiative, (same sex marriage doesn't count as he tried to dodge this one by sending it to the supreme court which rightly lobbed in back into his hands), Paul Martin's handling of the democratic deficit and his resultant milquetoast leadership has earned him the title of a "ditherer" from the world's most respected and widely read economic news magazine.

The Conservative Party is latching onto this lapse in the leadership of Paul Martin and they've provided me with a "rapid response" talking points memo that I'll share with you so that you can battle Liberals who defend their wishy-washy leader

POTENTIAL ISSUE: Mister Decisive? The Liberals have to be kidding. Here is Mr. Dithers' List of Dithering [. . . . ]

Oh, what a list! Check it for yourself along with the details provided.

And go here for a great political screen saver:

Liberal Monopoly -- screen saver February 16, 2004

The gun registry didn't help

Roszko killed officers then himself: RCMP Mar 5 2005, CBC

[. . . . ] He adds that investigators don't know how Roszko managed to return to the Quonset hut, a metal garage, without being seen by police. [. . . . ]

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