March 05, 2005

Al Qaeda's "Ethical" Dilemmas - Iraq - Gomery: Greg Weston's Details - Dingwall - Hourly Rates for Lafleur - Flags - Chiarelli - Sun-Drenched MP's

Al Qaeda-The Ethical Dilemma of Terrorists


March 4, 2005 -- [. . . . ] But al Qaeda also exists on the Internet, where Sunni religious authorities answer doctrinal questions of aspiring terrorists and their supporters.

"For example, one of the most important questions was whether it was permissible to kill 10 million people with a nonconventional bomb if it meant that Muslims would be among them," Zeevi said. "The answer was, 'Yes, it is permitted.' "

[. . . . ] "According to the Koran, in order to achieve the goal, a Muslim world, that would be a mitzvah, a good deed," he said. [. . . . ]

What have the Americans ever done for us? Liberated 50 million people... Gerard Baker, Mar. 4, 05

ONE OF MY favourite cinematic moments is the scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian when Reg, aka John Cleese, the leader of the People’s Front of Judea, is trying to whip up anti-Roman sentiment among his team of slightly hesitant commandos.

“What have the Romans ever done for us?” he asks.

“Well, there’s . . . ,” [This is funny. Don't miss.]

[. . . . ] I can’t help but think of that scene as I watch the contortions of the anti-American hordes in Britain, Europe and even in the US itself in response to the remarkable events that are unfolding in the real Middle East today.

Little more than three years after US forces, backed by their faithful British allies, set foot in Afghanistan, the entire historical dynamic of this blighted region has already shifted. [. . . . ]

Read the enumeration. I realize opium poppies are thriving but somewhere, yesterday, I read where growing asparagus has replaced whatever drug came out of Indochina, perhaps Vietnam or Cambodia, on at least some farms. I forget the details -- but if you need a dose of hope, search. It is incredible that they can make more with asparagus than whatever they grew before but isn't it wonderful? I suspect the wonders of modern air transport might have helped to get the product to the areas where it will bring in more $$$.

'That sounds totally bizarre' Greg Weston, Mar. 3, 05, Sun Ottawa

Finally, amid the Gomery inquiry's depressing daily feed of waste and greed comes the magical story of David Dingwall, a tale of good fortune sure to warm the hearts of taxpayers everywhere. [. . . . ]

It's the details that add up here -- and JC is going to try to remove Gomery? No wonder!

Chiarelli must go - to NCC March 3, 2005, Susan Sherring, Ottawa Sun

Dear Prime Minister Paul Martin: Sorry to bother you Mr. Prime Minister. I know this is a busy time for you, what with you being up to your ying-yang in all sorts of trouble. [. . . . ]

Lafleur defends $536G flag bill March 3, 2005, Stephanie Rubec, Parliamentary Bureau

[. . . . ] "It seems easy today, but even just going to the stadium, that's a lot of work."

Lafleur's own financial reports, released by the commission yesterday, show he billed a total of 296 hours at $275 per hour and his son Eric billed 300 hours at $245 and another 119 hours at $150 to manage the Expos sponsorship. [. . . . ]

Moxie? Chutzpah? Cara dura?

It would be a hoot if it were a report from . . . . . oh, any place in the world where Canadians don't send money. Is there anywhere?

Taxpayers fund MPs' sun-drenched trip March 3, 2005, Kathleen Harris, Parliamentary Bureau

John Williamson, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, sees the trip as a "thin excuse" for a vacation.

"It's funny how these trips also coincide with the cold weather in Ottawa," he said. "It's France in the summer and the Caribbean in the winter. You'd have to be a fool not to make that link."


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