March 04, 2005

Four Young RCMP Officers Dead -- For those who want action instead of hollow words . . .

Four young RCMP officers are dead -- enough pious fraud and fabrication about "reviewing", "dialogueing" about grow-ops and "re-organizing".

The RCMP don't have the resources to protect Canadians, despite the Public Security Minister's constant reassurances. How many officers above the attrition rate have been hired with that $8 billion (over 5 years) they are supposed to put into security? It's an illusion like the $12 billion the military are getting -- in reality $500 million down and the rest on the "if come" basis four years down the road and after a couple of elections.

For 10 years the government has been BS'ing the public because the media have given them a free pass. The government has allowed the situation to get so out of hand it is now a $20 billion business which they have completely ignored. Why?

The murder of four young constables at one time giving their lives for their country is the last straw. One death is one too many, let alone four. Comments from the Public Security Minister such as "review" and "dialogue" on grow ops are just doublespeak for stalling and doing nothing. They've known for years the extent of the problem so there's nothing to review. Action is needed and that action is making sure the RCMP have the resources to protect Canadians. Right now they are short a minimum of 2500 officers. Prosecutors don't have enough resources; sentences are a joke. The Canadian government has provided major criminals an hospitable environment in which to operate. This is well known worldwide.

For those who want action instead of hollow words............

Emails can be sent to the MP's (just click their names and their email addresses will come up.)

Check this site in a few hours -- the RCMP will open a book for those who wish to send their condolences.

RCMP: a book for those who wish to send their condolences

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.


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