March 03, 2005

Jonas on Zundel-IRPA, Schoolgirl Wins Right to Wear Muslim gown, Without Firing a Shot!

George Jonas -- Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)

The state's immune system, run amok George Jonas, Mar. 3, 05, National Post

I suspect 65-year-old Holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel dearly wishes he were a security threat. Unlike Federal Court Justice Pierre Blais, however, I don't think he is. I think the obnoxious pamphleteer is just a contemptible crank.

But whether Judge Blais was right or wrong last week when he found Zundel a security threat isn't the important issue. The important issue is what's happening to the rule of law in Canada. [. . . . ]

This is another exploration of a very difficult topic -- when you consider what is in the balance, our security or individual rights. It must be discussed. I am tired of pronouncements from on high -- from the group which has stooped so low.

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The finer points in running a politically correct society

What does costume signify? I have no problem with most silly costumes of youthful rebellion, the normal outrageousness, but I wonder if the message sent by some costuming is not outside the realm of youthful rebellion, even intentionally, and dangerously? If the rest have to wear a uniform, should not all be required to do so? Is some costuming more significant than others, anyway? Does it lean toward reinforcing activities carried to their logical extreme by what Al Jazeera so lovingly presents to the 'peaceful' as the triumphs over the infidels?

What to do about it? Even the thought flies in the face of what George Jonas has written -- and he makes sense. Muy complicado.

Schoolgirl wins right to wear Muslim gown Joshua Rozenberg, Mar. 3, 05

[. . . . ] Shabina Begum, 16, decided when she turned 14 to wear a jilbab, a full-length dress that conceals the shape of a woman's arms and legs. She said the decision of Denbigh High School, in Luton, to insist that she wore uniform was the consequence of an atmosphere in which Islam had been made "a target for vilification in the name of the war on terror". [. . . . ]

I might as well be killed for a sheep as a lamb; I have failed to find many redeeming qualities in the 'peacful' religion -- with the exception that the children within their families may have more respect for their elders--if that is always a good thing--and it appears they drink less--but do they partake of drugs less? I think of qat and marijuana and the areas where the poppy grows. I suspect many prohibitions are publicly proclaimed and affirmed, then privately flouted, as with most of these things. And of course, the life of women is . . . . . . something to be dreaded by Western women. Thus, I don't want to see more and more symbols of it -- and there was enough significance to warrant going to court over this costume. That tells me something. It was not parental strictures; the girl's parents are dead -- so who was paying for this? Who is 'guiding' her in this battle? Why?

Opium poppy production grows AFP, March 03, 2005

VIENNA - Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan soared to near-record levels in 2004, posing a threat to the country's stability, the International Narcotics Control Board said yesterday. [. . . . ]

Without Firing a Shot! -- The real war at your Door J.B. Williams, March 1, 2005

[. . . . ] Subversion is defined as "a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within". [. . . . ]

Applicable to the US and Canada -- wide-ranging -- marriage, judiciary, republic, capitalism, etc -- just read it.


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