March 05, 2005

Bud Talkinghorn: Ernst Zundel out, Fateh Kamel in

It is a tale of two crackpots. One wants to deny the Holocaust ever happened, the other one wants to kill all infidels. Kamel goes a bit further than Zundel, in that he considered, along with Ressam, the convicted al-Queda terrrorist, the bombing of a prominent Jewish area of Montreal. Bombing the Montreal metro was also a fleeting idea. Zundel never was granted Canadian citizenship, but Kamel stayed under the radar long enough to get his. Now, after serving four years (of an eight year sentence) in a French prison for terrorist activities, he has come home. To a hero's welcome by some of his sleeper cell buddies, I don't doubt. It wouldn't do for his cell mates to actually show up waving GIA flags of course. Bad form, old chap. Bless Peter McKay for demanding the revocation of Kamel's citizenship. His 'refugee' status admission surely was fraudulently obtained.

When Zundel was sent back from the U.S., the government was quick enough to jail him for the two years it took to extract him. Let the same 'threat to Canadian security' be applied to this really bad guy.. . . . and? I will be watching this case closely. I don't think The National Post will let it slip into the classic Liberals' "Let's see if this loses us votes in the Muslim bloc" slow response. However, I'm equally sure that the Toronto Star has already begun a spirited defense of this poor misguided, but fully rehabilitated man. Rick Salutin will be the point man for the Globe and Mail's rehab story. What the outcome of this case reveals will tell us much about the Liberals' war on terrorism.

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