March 15, 2005

Libranos: "Unity" Fund -- Gangs: 500 gang members in Sask (pop.1,000,000), UN-CA "The scandal spills north", US: Saudi Wahhabism & More


Unity fund paid for sign in Italy -- Creative accounting billed bronze to Ottawa's Winterlude -- `Unforeseen events' fund spent in Chrétien, Gagliano ridings Mar. 15, 2005, Miro Cernetig, Quebec Bureau Chief

Montreal—After public works minister Alfonso Gagliano unveiled a $6,850 pro-Canada sign in a small village in Italy, the sponsorship program was secretly billed, according to documents tabled yesterday in the Gomery inquiry.

The expense for the 25 centimetre by 80 centimetre bronze sign — a knock-off of a Petro-Canada sign inscribed with the words Piazza Canada — was then hidden deep inside an unrelated sponsorship event in Ottawa, during the city's Winterlude festival, documents show.

The sponsorship program was designed to promote Canada within Quebec, to boost federalists after their near loss in the 1995 referendum. It was never designed for overseas ventures. [. . . . ]

Search: Gilles André-Gosselin, "unforeseen events" fund, Chrétien's riding, Gagliano's riding, fabricated, Guité, Association of Italo-Canadians of San Martino in Pensilis, Mario Parent, Piazza Canada in French, Ariemma, recoup

Does this strike you as strange? -- "While the presence of criminal gangs in Saskatchewan is no secret, Johnston said he and many other members of CISS were somewhat surprised by the extent of the problem"

There are 500 gang members in Sask (pop.1,000,000). Extrapolating from that, there are at least 15,000 across Canada but according to the government, crime's down. We have:

* Revolving door justice,

* Lenient sentences,

* Underfinanced RCMP, police and Crowns

All these allow the crooks to have the upper hand in Canada but the three-monkey federal government has no interest in protecting Canadians. The crooks are doing a $25 billion business in Canada that the government seems to know nothing about it.

How can a government be so blind? Willingly? Naively? Stupidly? Or what?

Gangs growing: police March 15, 2005, Neil Scott, Leader-Post

Officials with the Criminal Intelligence Service Saskatchewan organization issued an urgent call Monday for a provincial strategy to deal with the crime and violence caused by aboriginal-based gangsters.

Representatives of the CISS, which is made up of 21 police organizations in the province, released a report at a Regina press conference that noted that Saskatchewan has the highest per capita number of youth involved in gangs in Canada.

"There is a pressing and urgent need,'' to deal with both youth and adult gangs, said Regina Police Chief Cal Johnston, who is the chairman of the executive committee of the CISS.

A comprehensive strategy that involves prevention, education and continued police enforcement is needed to deal with gangs, Johnston said. [. . . . ]

Search: Saskatoon Police Chief Russ Sabo, increase in extreme violence, territory, one of the biggest-paying activities, initiation, gangs are active in, under a wide variety of names such as . . .

Hezbollah's deadly record Editorial/OpEd, Joel Himmelfarb, Mar. 14, 05

Joel Himelfarb is assistant editorial page editor of The Washington Times.

In the wake of the March 8 demonstrations in which Hezbollah brought as many as half-a-million people into the streets of Beirut to support Syria, Americans have been inundated with news stories and analyses emphasizing Hezbollah's role as an indigenous political movement and its popularity with Lebanon's Shi'ites.

Under pressure from France and the United Nations, the New York Times reported in a front-page story on Thursday, the Bush administration appears to be on the verge of acquiescing to a role for Hezbollah -- one of the world's most deadly terrorist organizations, responsible for torturing and killing hundreds of Americans over the past 22 years -- in Lebanon's future. How can this be, given that President Bush has made the fight against Islamofascist terrorism the defining issue of his presidency? Given the fact that more than 800,000 anti-Syrian and anti-Hezbollah demonstraters mobilized in Beirut yesterday, and given Hezbollah's open contempt for democracy, why is Washington doing this? [. . . . ]

Lengthy and worth reading. Do not miss the last paragraph.

Jihad on the American Mind Rachel Ehrenfeld,, March 11, 2005

The religious and philosophical justifications for promoting Jihad which means holy war - around the world, is found in the Quran, says Dr. Hussein Shehata, a professor at al-Azhar University in Cairo. According to Dr. Shehata, the following terms in the Quran combine to justify the spreading of Jihad: in Arabic- Al-Jihad bi-al-Lisan which means - Jihad of the Tongue, and al-Jihad bi-al-Qalam Jihad of the Pen. Both combine for preaching and writing to promote Jihad.

By giving our money to Islamic Centers and programs endowed by Islamist, we are helping the Saudis and their likes to acquire the foot soldiers to use the knives with which they intend to slit our throats.

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is author of Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed And How to Stop It, Director of the American Center for Democracy and member of the Committee on the Present Danger. This is the speech she gave at the conference on "The Middle East and Academic Integrity on the American Campus," held at Columbia University on March 6, 2005. [. . . . ]

The Libranos: Connections -- the chart Posted Kate McMillan, March 14, 2005 -- Comments Posted by: Kevin Steel | March 14, 2005

Do go to the site to download the chart mentioned below. Very interesting. Note the names in this article and the several links. Kevin is digging.

Thanks for the chart, mazz. Can't seem to locate the Commission on the Private Sector and Development, chaired by Paul Martin. This page [Commission on the Private Sector & Development] contains another Power Corp connection to the UN besides Martin and Strong. [. . . . ]

The scandal spills north 14 March 2005, Kevin Steel, Western Standard

Most Canadian companies look forward to the day they earn themselves a mention on the prime-time news. They hire PR firms and spend thousands to harass news editors with press releases to tout their latest acquisition, invention or foreign venture in hopes of convincing someone to give them even a passing mention on the national news--never mind the nearly unimaginable publicity of being plugged on a U.S. newscast. [. . . . ]

Power controls some of Canada’s biggest blue-chip companies, including [. . . . ]

Search: Desmarais, Chretien, PowerCorp, UN, Paribas, Volcker . . .

Lengthy and full of information. Do not miss "How the biggest scandal in history unfolded"

I love checking out what the gang at the Western Standard/Shotgun dig up. They're doing a great job. Good show! I do believe we have some alternatives to the mainstream/liberal/Liberal/NDP media.


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