March 23, 2005

Jamaican Deported Twice, Enters with Fake ID, Now a Canadian Citizen -- See Video

If you have time for nothing else today:

1. Read this webpage:

Criminals use fingerprint fraud to get back into Canada News Staff, Mar. 22, 05

D'Angelo Christie has been convicted of several crimes involving drugs and guns, dating back to 1995. He's been deported to Jamaica, twice. Despite that, he's back in Canada, for a third time, living free, as a Canadian citizen, with a home in suburban Ontario.

Christie has managed to return to Canada again and again, even though convicted criminals aren't eligible to become Canadian citizens.

When arrested in January, 2004, Christie admitted using fake identification to get back into the country. That angers Toronto Detective Sergeant Wilf Townley,

"We constantly see criminals who have been deported and come back into the country. If you can't keep someone who you know and have deported before out of the country how are you going to keep a terrorist out that you've never seen before?"
[. . . . ]

2. To the right of the CTV webpage, see the video links. Do not miss this video.

CTV News: Kathy Tomlinson with a 'Whistleblower' report on fingerprint fraud in the immigration system 2:29

3. Then read Hansard Question Period - March 21/05 -- Air-India, Sponsorship Program, RCMP, Justice & Taxation; see menu at left.


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