March 17, 2005

Do Look at These

I have several commitments and little time. Still, do not miss these.

Now they are starting this? -- years after they got rid of RCMP Sgt. Stenhouse

The feds should be paying for this and understaffed units across the country with that $8 billion (?) for security. All the major crooks seem to have no problem operating quite freely. Reorganizing, planning, strategizing -- all many years after the problems have exploded exponentially. This should have been addressed by the government years ago but then public safety was never a priority and still isn't.

Solicitor General Calls for Elite Gang Squad
Naked Truth --After former Immigration Minister Judy Sgro got caught up in what was dubbed "Strippergate" . . .

Crown says Hells dressed to scare

Justice 101 in Canada -- none for victims

Justice system falls short -- However, Bob MacDonald warns Canadians not to hold their breath waiting for the Liberal government to call a federal public inquiry

Why the U.N. must go
Banking on Wolfowitz -- And you thought Iraq was difficult

Billions in aid at risk of lining corrupt pockets

Be on the lookout for any financial sleight of hand

When you think of security, do you immediately think of working to facilitate the flow of traffic across the border so business may thrive? No? Not me either. When our Public Security Minister, Anne McLellan considers security, she obviously thinks bridges, tunnels, and roads. These are necessary, but the $$$ for them should come out of the Public Works budget, not the budgets of CBSA, RCMP and CSIS. What we need are personnel, human beings with brains and intuition. Modern infrastructure is necessary but the money must not be taken from the security agencies. The money for the government's Sponsorship/Adscam/slush fund programs should have been used for increasing our security services manpower -- long ago. Conservatives, at your policy convention, consider this.

Windsor mayor decries border delays

Perception is all that matters -- along with getting re-elected.

McLuhan Quote on Politicians - circa 1972 - Boy was he right

China's Strategy -- They're happy to let us worry about North Korea while they assemble long-term plans to counter American hegemony.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil -- but above all, do no evil -- our three--or is it four?--monkey government

Anti-counterfeit group points finger at Canada

Talking with terrorists

Recommended Reading for CCD

Contemporary Antisemitism: Canada and the World is a collection of essays edited by Professors Derek Penslar, Michael Marrus, and Janice Gross Stein. ISBN: 0802039316 · Published by University of Toronto Press

Smoke and Mirrors: Globalized Terrorism and the Illusion of Multilateral Security by Frank B. Harvey, ISBN: 0802089488 · Published by University of Toronto Press

The feds have provided an environment in Canada that coddles criminals.


Exec says Gagliano's office involved in his declining federal contracts

virtual tour

Million Lebanese Stage Massive Retort to Terrorists

Grass Niagara's new cash crop


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