March 16, 2005

Cesspool at Turtle Bay, Lebanon, China

Cesspool at Turtle Bay

The one that Kerry, Martin and Strong push to rule our lives. Just what we need, more guys lining their pockets at the expense of national citizens. Can you spell K-Y-O-T-O as the next international financial imbroglio to clean out your pockets.

Just say no.

The unfixable UN Jed Babbin, Mar. 15, 05

Jed Babbin, former undersecretary of defense for President George H.W. Bush, is author of ''Inside the Asylum: Why the U.N. and Old Europe are Worse Than You Think."

[. . . . ] Scandal piles on top of scandal, minor officials resign, investigations drag on, and Annan is under personal attack for failing to prevent the enormous corruption that's occurred on his watch. But Annan has nothing to fear. The widespread calls for UN ''reform" all aim at changing small problems.

Not even its most diehard supporter -- Kofi Annan himself -- denies that the UN has enormous problems. Its bureaucracy, bloated and overpaid, is not a source of solutions to the world's problems or even the means by which solutions can be implemented. Its membership, with fewer than 50 democracies among its 191 members, is not capable of working in good faith toward solving the problems of our time.
[. . . . ]

Search: International Criminal Court, ''World Summit on the Information Society", European-style gun controls, financial supporter, votes of the . . .


Million Lebanese Stage Massive Retort to Terrorists Claudia Rosett, Special to the Sun (NY), March 15, 2005

BEIRUT - Flags fluttering, horns honking, and fingers flashing V for victory, Lebanon's opposition converged on downtown Beirut yesterday in the biggest democratic protest in the history of the modern Middle East.

Their numbers - about a million strong - were a retort to the rival protests staged last week by the terrorist group Hezbollah, and a message to each other and the world that the Lebanese people are serious in their demands for - as the crowd chanted over and over - "Freedom, Sovereignty, Independence." [. . . . ]


The Two Faces of Rising China Joseph Khan, Mar. 13, 05

lengthy, worth reading

CHINA'S leaders announced last week at the annual National People's Congress that they will give themselves legal authority to attack Taiwan if they decide that the disputed territory has ventured too far toward independence. It was their boldest ultimatum to date, backed by China's rapidly modernizing military.

But the banner headline in the next day's China Daily, the official English-language newspaper was: "Peace Paramount in Anti-Secession Bill."

Rising China has two faces. [. . . . ]

Search: emerging superpower, $60 billion, $160 billion, party will pay, war, Philip Yang, Iran, Sudan, less conciliatory

Peter Brooks: "China Challenge" Mar. 14, 05, Peter Brookes, New York Post

Peter Brookes is a Heritage Foundation senior fellow.

[. . . . ] China craves international acceptance and respect as a responsible power. To gain it, China must resolve Taiwan's future peacefully, help dismantle North Korea's nuclear program and end its support for Iran's WMD and missile programs. Nothing less will suffice. [. . . . ]


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