May 23, 2006

May 23, 2006: #4

Gang hierarchy laid out -- Sights set on the decision-makers, as Jamestown Crips targeted in raids Betsy Powell and John Duncanson, May 21, 2006, via

As part of their investigation, police also said they shut down a gun pipeline operating between Houston, Tex., and Brantford, about 100 kilometres southwest of Toronto. Gang members were getting their guns from a smuggler living on the Six Nations reserve, police allege. That man is Earle Cook, 55, who is serving a one-year sentence in North Carolina. He's a Canadian who was caught falsifying U.S. paperwork.

[....] Jermaine "J-Bug" Grant

[....] Among the 13 accused are Troy Wilson, 26, Jason Lezama, 22, Kevin Lumley, 26, Sean Grant, 22, Gregory McIntosh, 28, Semir Showbeg, 26, Marcus Cave, 25, Gilbert Boswell, 22, Jose Alvarez, 25, and Lloyd Accam, 24. In addition to facing the very serious gang charge, they're the subject of dozens of other charges.

[Oliver] Willis [....]

Joe Warmington: A matter of saving lives -- Ah, gee, the long weekend was ruined May 20, 06

[....] Moms, dads, girlfriends, crying children, aunts and uncles jockeyed to look through the courtroom door's window.

[....] "Why did they do this on a long weekend?"

[....] Stopping another summer of violence is what matters.

And Blair has now shed the Miller curse and has shown he's his own boss.

"Lets not kid ourselves. The bad guys are going to get more guns," one cop source said. "But the chief showed some pretty impressive leadership on this."

He did and deserves credit. It's certainly better than all that talk about building more basketball courts. The chief and the mayor have offered some gangsters the opportunity to live. [....]

Should the rest of us care about a lost weekend for these guys and the ones who hang out with them?

Jamestown Crew had links to L.A. gang -- Targets of police raids -- "1,000 plus charges laid" Natalie Alcoba, NatPost, May 20, 06

[....] In total, 106 people have been arrested and eight fugitives are being sought.

A 14-year-old young offender has been charged with attempted murder.

Police said the raids were the first step in a plan to "restore" the Martingrove Road and Finch Avenue neighbourhood.

Includes figues at the bottom of the article.

What I assume are ordinary people are starting to write about our recent history and the charter. CNEWS Forum discussion thread: Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Marcus Gee: Are we mice or men? Globe and Mail -- worth reading. (published last week some time)

Photos: eagles Paul Merritt,
His equipment?

I shoot with a Nikon D2X and use CS2 for editing. With the lighting, when the sun is going down in the late afternoon or evening is the best. Around 6 or 7pm is the best time, but it is hardly ever clear, there is always a stray cloud passing by.

Photos: eaglets BetteK -- Golden Eagle site

Photos: webshots I have not seen all the photos but there were some that looked interesting.

A king-sized worry: Thousands of acres of U.S. forest vanish yearly into private 'kingdom' lots

Every morning, Brad Wyman gazes out the kitchen window of his home near Dummer, a town of 300 or so residents in the Great North Woods region of northern New Hampshire, and wonders just what is happening to America's forest lands [. . . . ]

Warren Buffett Buys Land for Coal, May 20, 2006

An energy company owned by investment mogul Warren Buffett has bought 8,500 acres of coal-rich land in Johnson County with the intent of establishing power generation projects.

Judith Miller: I Was Tipped Off About 9/11 NewsMax

Judith Miller, The New York Times reporter at the center of the I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby case, reveals that she received advance word about a terrorist plot that turned out to be 9/11 - but the Times spiked the story. [....]

U.S. military: Gitmo suicide attempt a ruse -- Prisoner reportedly faked hanging self to lure guards into room May 19, 2006

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A Guantanamo Bay prisoner staged a fake suicide attempt to draw U.S. troops into a room where they were attacked by other prisoners, military leaders at the camp told reporters Friday.

U.S. troops used rubber bullets and a sponge grenade to subdue the prisoners, who were armed with improvised weapons such as sticks, light fixtures and parts of fans.
"The detainees had slickened the floor of their block with feces, urine and soapy water in an attempt to trick the guards," said Rear Adm. Harry Harris, the commander of Joint Task Force Guantanamo. "They then assaulted the guards." ( Watch as officials say guards were tricked -- 1:49)

[....] News of the suicide ruse came as the U.N. Committee Against Torture issued a report Friday calling for the prison's closure. (Full story )

Two Saudi men board school bus in Tampa, are arrested: a case of the wrong bus, or something more serious? via lgf, May 21, 06

I think it's plausible that someone who doesn't know America very well might mistake a school bus for a public bus. But why was one of them wearing a trench coat, in May, in Tampa, Florida? Why did they keep changing their story about why they wanted to go to the school? And why did they originally say they were from Morocco instead of admitting they were Saudis? And why has their bail been revoked (which detail comes from the Rottweiler, not the Trib story) if this were just a case of boarding the wrong bus?

"Saudi Men Who Rode School Bus Arrested," from the Tampa Tribune , with thanks to The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler , who suspects this was a test run for Beslan-in-America: [....]


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