March 01, 2006

Book: Gomery, Global Taxes, Cuba, China-Nuclear, Etc.


My Misa Criolla was a gift from an old friend, the folk version, hauntingly beautiful. I play it over and over so I wanted to see if it were available online. The Philips original version is no more. The one I linked to this morning is different. The two links do not lead to music having the same effect as the Philips original, the folk version which is so evocative, but they are, in their own way, enjoyable.

Ariel Ramirez: Misa Criolla; Navidad en Verano; Navidad Nuestra with Jose Carreras

Product Details
Composer: Ariel Ramirez
Conductor: Damian Sanchez, Jose Luis Ocejo
Performer: Grupo Huancara, Lalo Gutierrez, et al.
Label: Philips
Catalog Number: 20955
Audio CD (October 25, 1990)
ASIN: B000009IAZ ....

1. Misa Criolla: Kyrie (vidala-babuala) [Vidala Baguala is the name on mine.]
2. Misa Criolla: Gloria (carnavalito - yaravi)
3. Misa Criolla: Credo (chacarera trunca)
4. Misa Criolla: Sanctus (carnaval cochabambino)
5. Misa Criolla: Agnus Dei (estilo pampeano)
6. Navidad en Verano
7. Navidad Nuestra: La Anunciacion (chamame)
8. Navidad Nuestra: La Peregrinacion (huella pampeana)
9. Navidad Nuestra: El Nacimiento (vidala catamarquena)
10. Navidad Nuestra: Los Pastores (chaya riojana)
11. Navidad Nuestra: Los Reyes Magos (takirari)
12. Navidad Nuestra: La Huida (vidala tucumana)

Some people who heard the original folk version do not like the Carreras version (I do); however, one reviewer said: "The cost of this album is a small price to pay to restore your inner peace. If you need a "refuel" buy it asap!"

Another: "The charm and strength of this music is its folk roots, and the feature that made my old LP so incredible was the raw energy and momentum of the performance. The soloists became the music, fitting in beautifully with no attempts to raise themselves to a position of greater glory. The energy and drive of the entire production was infectious; it was impossible to sit still while listening to it."

For me, the CD (link above) has more of what was on my original than the CD mentioned below. I loved my original. I have played it three times today; that must say something about its power. Isn't it a pity when music you love can no longer be found? You do not have to be Roman Catholic to enjoy this music. Mine came from a Jewish friend and as soon as I hear it, I think of her. What a thoughtful gift, for it evokes memories I don't want to lose.

Traditional Music From The Andes: Misa Criolla -- Various Artists - Intl. - So. & Central America - General -- Catalog Number: 995292 ASIN: B000000GF1

Recommended: I am listening to this now. I love the Misa Criolla / Kyrie and Misa Criolla / Gloria, as well as Sikureada, Rin Del Angelito, actually several pieces on this CD. Of course, I enjoy the flute music of the Andes, music which has a haunting quality.


Gomery spokesman launches tell-all book -- "questioned Finkelstein's handling of Martin" Rollande Parent, cP, Mar. 1, 06

Francois Perreault questions the tenacity of one of the commission's counsels and looks at the strategy used by the Privy Council Office to try and derail the inquiry. .... council clerk Alex Himelfarb , the costs of the commission ....commission counsel Neil Finkelstein [. . . . ]

Gomery aide set to reveal inside story -- Book on inquiry hits shelves today `Will expose the nasty underbelly' Les Whittington, Feb. 28, 06

[. . . . ] Gomery concluded Chrétien bore responsibility for the administrative failures of the now-defunct and discredited federal sponsorship program.

[. . . . ] Perreault is also expected to unveil details of Gomery's battle with Alex Himelfarb, the top federal public servant in the Privy Council Office while Paul Martin was prime minister, over the release to the commission of secret cabinet documents.

In his final news conference on Feb. 1, Gomery complained there was a deeply entrenched tendency in Himelfarb's office to withhold documents Gomery wanted for the inquiry. [. . . . ]

Report is 'foolish,' says expert whose work was cast aside -- Justice John Gomery's recommendations to limit the role of Canada's top bureaucrat and right-hand to the prime minister is coming under fire by the academic whose work inspired the controversial proposals Kathryn May, The Ottawa Citizen, Feb. 28, 06

[....] Overall, Judge Gomery's 19 recommendations are aimed at sharper lines of accountability in government by taking the politics out of decision-making. The concern revolves around a handful of controversial reforms that would dilute the power of the prime minister while boosting the independence and influence of bureaucrats. [....]

Gomery's idea of making the public service independent of ministers is truly revolutionary." [....]

This is lengthy with various people's comments. Change scares some people and maybe there are arguments worth reading.

Definitely worth reading

Are global taxes the best way to end poverty? -- Chirac -- guilt geld -- UN NatPost, Mar. 1, 06

Daughter's party sets Dad's home back $70G -- 13 year old, party, separated parents, alcohol, trashing the place ... and what will be done about those who trashed it? NatPost, Mar. 1, 06

Radical cleric's son eyes career as terror rapper -- The Hook's son born in Britain ... and this is what they get? NatPost, Mar. 1, 06

It is time for this: Study calls for values oath for immigrants NatPost, Mar. 1, 06


Andrew Coyne: Show trial in reverse -- Why should justices not be questioned about their rulings? NatPost, Mar. 1, 06

Islamism the new fascism, Rushdie says NatPost, Mar. 1, 06

Terence Corcoran: That wasn't the 'real' Cuba -- another point of view from Ms. Zak's as in her articles in the NatPost lately"

[. . . . ] According to Ms. Zak, "People ask me, 'if it's so terrible in Cuba, why haven't the people staged another revolution yet?'"

Her naive answer is that there is no unity of opposition to the regime. Rather, it is because one of the first things Fidel did after the revolution was to confiscate private firearms and install a police state in which any trace of opposition led to death or jail. [. . . . ]

Gulf War veteran upset Canada has not given out Kuwaiti medals NatPost, Mar. 1, 06

Ontario: more equal? CP, posted on CNEWS Forum by caspar34

Toronto — Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is suggesting that his province should have a stronger voice than the other provinces and territories in national debates. [....]

Ontario might claw back federal child-care cash

Ontario's poorest families might never receive a monthly child-care allowance proposed by the new federal government because the province might claw it back, poverty advocates warn.

[....] Prime Minister Stephen Harper has promised to introduce a bill that would give parents $1,200 a year for each child under age six, meant to help pay for child care.

However, the Ontario government has refused to rule out the possibility that it might deduct the federal funding from social assistance funds for the poor or disabled.


China goes nuclear as economy booms Benjamin Robertson, Beijing

CHINA will build 32 nuclear power plants over the next 15 years [....]

After studying designs from France, Russia and the United States the first reactor using so-called "pebble-bed" technology will begin construction this year in the coastal Shandong province, and is expected to start producing electricity by 2010.

Initially a German technology experimented with during the Cold War, "pebble-bed" is promoted as being both meltdown and proliferation proof.

Cyberthieves Silently Copy Your Passwords as You Type Tom Zeller, Jr. February 27, 2006

[....] According to data compiled by computer security companies in 2005, the use of "crimeware" like keyloggers to steal user names and passwords — and ultimately cash — has soared. The crimes often cross international borders, and they put Internet users everywhere at risk. [....]

In some countries, like Brazil, it has been eclipsed by an even more virulent form of electronic con — the use of keylogging programs that silently copy the keystrokes of computer users and send that information to the crooks. These programs are often hidden inside other software and then infect the machine, putting them in the category of malicious programs known as Trojan horses, or just Trojans. [....]

In a closely watched case, Joe Lopez, the owner of a small computer supply company in Miami, sued Bank of America after cybercrooks were able to use a keylogging Trojan planted on his business computers to swipe bank account information and transfer $90,000 to Latvia. [. . . . ]

Search:, which is well-known among traders at online swap meets like

Bush to Press: "You're Assuming That You Represent the Public. I Don't Accept That." -- "In our system, the press has the role of..." Generations of journalists spoke confident sentences like that. The press is a vital check on power. It's quasi-Constitutional. Bush, head of government, rejects this idea. That theory has gone down, he says. And you guys don't have that kind of muscle anymore.

[....] Whoever can speak to the whole nation becomes a power. There is still a reporters gallery, and it is still speaking the language of a Fourth Estate. But perhaps its weakness is in speaking a language Americans recognize as theirs. Bush is challenging the press: you don’t speak to the nation, or for it, or with it. (See Hagan on this point.)

He cannot sustain this challenge all the time—thus, the April 13 press conference, thus the embeds—but it is a serious argument. Intellectually, it’s almost a de-certification move against the press corps. There’s a constituency for this, and it picks up on long-term trends that have weakened the national press, including a disconnect between Big Journalism and many Americans, and the rise of alternative media systems.[. . . . ]


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