February 28, 2006

Rest in peace, Bob MacDonald

Memo to Mainstream Media: read this

Thane Burnett: Bob MacDonald was more than just words

[. . . . ] "Since we would have no home delivery, we had to break stories day after day, to grab the attention of readers and keep them coming back," he wrote of the birth of a paper.

To do this, [Bob MacDonald] used the reporter's best resource -- amazing contacts he had built up in 18 years with the Tely and the Toronto Star.

For the first day of the rising Sun, the first contact he called on was Max Henderson, the auditor-general of Canada. The result was a front-page story of a "$10-million Goof" -- how Pierre Trudeau's Liberal government had wasted a mint by selling Argentina jet fighters the feds had declared surplus. But the Canadian government soon realized they needed the planes and had to order new ones. [. . . . ]


Blogger Jack's Newswatch said...

Glad you found this. I missed it.


Tue Feb 28, 05:39:00 PM 2006  

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