February 09, 2006

The Peaceful Ones in Canada, Recount, Sex Ring, Money Laundering Indictment

The gift that keeps on giving, Liberal immigration and refugee policies

Some groups' are more equal than others in the protection area. Guess what Propaganda Organ is going on ad nauseam over the insult to Muslims? Obviously, they haven't done enough news gathering to change the topic.

What about Canadians' right not to be blackmailed with threats of violence? How about the security of Canadians in their homeland ......... which means protect us from extremist Muslim entrants to Canada, from undocumented aliens who turn out to be dangerous to us, from the entry of terrorists, gangs, criminals ...... a whole panoply of dangerous entrants.

Peter Worthington: Spontaneous anger? TorSun, Feb.8, 06

[. . . . ] Were they outraged when Muslim terrorists lethally bombed a Bali nightclub? When they killed children by attacking a school in Russia? Killed 50 in the London Underground attack?

Killed 80 tourists in Egypt?

None of these outrages drew anything resembling the outrage fabricated over these Danish cartoons.

Closer to home, our politicians and media go to absurd lengths not to offend Muslim extremists precisely because we fear their reaction. Hypocrisy and cowardice anyone?

Well said, Worthington.

Now, a Professor from St. Mary's University has been threatened by two men (I have heard reported "five" also) because he believes in free speech and he had posted the cartoons on his campus office door. He planned to discuss them in class. However, his administration stepped in to protect Muslim sensitivities, perhaps because they're afraid of Muslim peace and tolerance. It appears that Muslims who come to "tolerant" Canada cannot tolerate cartoons so neither should the rest of us. They claim that it is a sin to show the face of Mohammed; yet, throughout the world there are depictions of Mohammed, even in the Islamic world. A UPEI student newspaper has been forbidden to spread the newspaper around campus because it contains the cartoons and, while Muslims behead and are filmed for all the world to see on Al Jazeera, etc., in Canada, those who would discuss the cartoons--are forbidden to see them ... in universities. The sight might inflame Muslims' tender sensitivities, the ones who scream bloody murder at the drop of a cartoon, at the sight of a Jew ..... at the usual incitements to their extreme violence, but do not seem to be bothered by the slaughter of women and children, the endless calls to violent jihad and its actuality in their own world.

Canada is so tolerant of their intolerance .......... or else!

Halifax's St. Mary's University -&- UPEI Admin. & UPEICadre

University administration "ordered the papers taken off the stands" at UPEI; at St. Mary's University, philosophy professor Peter March was told to remove the cartoons from his office door ......... and two threatened him with an "or else" if he took them to class, it seems.

PEI and St. Mary's Universities fear Muslim backlash, don't defend freedom of speech -- Is that because we have already seen that Muslims might go berserk; think Concordia. CTV, Feb. 8 2006. The title given is mis-leading since it mentions the publication, not the universities' reactions.

[....] Ray Keating, the editor-in-chief of the [UPEI ]campus newspaper, defended his decision to print the cartoons. He said they were published along with commentary to provide the information people require to make an informed decision.

[....] Meanwhile, at Halifax's St. Mary's University, a philosophy professor [Peter March] was told to remove the cartoons from his office door on Tuesday, and has now said he will post them in his classroom to make a point about freedom of expression.

[....] March said he will file a union grievance against the university.

"There's a great deal in my collective agreement that says that what I am doing, which is engaging public discussion using my skills as a philosopher, is part of my job description," he told CP. [. . . . ]

Have a Sanity check "What would it take to get you out on the streets with bottles full of gas and a pocket full of stones?"
Duke's Place, Feb. 8, 06

Would this be a tolerant meeting or an ........ or else! one? A must read thread

Elmasry Seeks Dialogue With Leaders of New Cdn Police State -- We can only hope the police play a significant role

If Elmasry hates the new cabinet then I love it. Steve Majewski

His support for the Liberals was all I needed to tell me that [the] Liberals would not protect my family and children from fascists like Elmasry. Maybe we now have a government that is more interested in the lives of all Canadians than the votes of Muslims.

Recount begins in Northern Saskatchewan riding

Police probe allegations of St. Johns sex ring

Anti-Money Laundering Regime Defended After $1 Billion Indictment -- "laundering $1 billion for drug dealers, tax cheats and swindlers" Tameka Lundy, The Bahama Journal, via newsbeat1

The Securities Commission of the Bahamas moved to give an assurance yesterday that it acted with due diligence in the matter of Dominion Investments Ltd. – the Bahamas based company caught in a whirlwind of scandal over money laundering allegations.

The president of the company Martin Tremblay was indicted in a U.S. federal court earlier this month accused of laundering $1 billion for drug dealers, tax cheats and swindlers. Tremblay transferred the ill-gotten gains to bank accounts in The Bahamas, the U.S. Canada and elsewhere, according to federal prosecutors.

Bahamian securities regulators maintained yesterday that they acted swiftly on this end, taking their lead from U.S. authorities [. . . . ]

Financial Intelligence Unit , FIU
Financial Action Task Force , FATF


Mr. Peter MacKay (Pictou—Antigonish—Guysborough, PC): Mr. Speaker, another day, another story about the Prime Minister wasting taxpayers' money to bail out campaign donors.

Like a scene from The Godfather, Liberal donator Pierre Bourque, senior, needed a financial favour. Reports have said that the Prime Minister's cronies tried to force cabinet to accept the purchase of a Hull office building for almost $30 million more than the appraised value.

The estimates show that as of March 31, 2000, $70 million had been pegged for the purchase of Place Louis St. Laurent. How can the government justify such a dubious and blatant waste of taxpayers' money?

Hon. Alfonso Gagliano (Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Lib.): [. . . . ] my department made a reasonable and fair offer [....]

Mr. Peter MacKay (Pictou—Antigonish—Guysborough, PC): Mr. Speaker, obviously this government is not against breaking contracts signed by Conservative governments. It turfed the helicopter contract then bought the same helicopters. We know that the cheques may not have been written as yet, but it was the clear stated intention of the government to go against the wishes of the treasury board and pay off Mr. Bourque. It is obvious that when you get in the way of the Prime Minister's slush fund efforts, you will pay the price.

Treasury board civil servant, Peter Harder, who resisted the sale of the building at such an inflated price, has been transferred out of the department. [....]

Hon. Herb Gray (Deputy Prime Minister, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, first, the hon. member's premise about Mr. Harder is totally wrong. Mr. Harder has been promoted to another senior deputy minister's position.

It's called being kicked upstairs to keep him quiet, is it not? Was it an accommodation a whistleblower was forced to make or lose his job?

Memory Lane: Canada's Liberal Heritage Department & UNICEF supported this for schoolnet

One World Radio Sample


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