February 03, 2006

No Indoctrination 1, No Element of Coercion, No Global Aspirations

This continues FHTR Feb. 1, 06: "Another Gift that Keeps on Giving -- CRTC & Lib. Big Brother ... ", at least that portion of it. This is an exploration of some background which I learned, and particularly, how it impacts the present.

Would any of this influence CBC's election and post-election coverage?

No Indoctrination, No Element of Coercion, No Global Aspirations, No reason for media support of Liberals? No Leftward Pressure?

In a pig's eye!

I listened to Paul Martin's supposed swan-song, but I wouldn't bet upon his leaving the world stage just yet. He still has fish he wants to fry. (CBC TV, AM, Feb. 2, 06)

Paul Martin, asked about his plans, mentioned that he still has work to do related to the UN. Would that have any connection to Kyoto or the UNESCO Cultural Diversity Protocol?

* Ex-Min. Pierre Pettigrew, Louise Frechette ex-Deputy Secretary of the UN, ex-PM Paul Martin at the Kyoto Climate Conference Montreal 2005 -- the agreement that would have Canadians pay major world polluters for pollution credits.

Think UNESCO since so much has been "invested" already. He may intend yet, to leave a legacy that will cement the Liberal Party's media and arts following, among many other items, forever. Perhaps this will give some idea of the ramifications and the expansive nature of the culture and heritage portfolio, the Department of Heritage (and women's issues), aligned with the Department of Foreign Affairs, CIDA, the francophonie and more ... but there is more to read if you are interested.

The Digital Solidarity Fund

CFP: The Digital Solidarity Fund: An Internet tax in disguise

Joseph A. Klein, a Harvard Law graduate who has worked as a global technology attorney for more than 30 years, is the author of Global Deception: The UN's Stealth Assault on America's Freedom. January 30, 2006

[. . . . ] The truth is that the financing mechanism for this Fund relies in large part on mandatory surcharges imposed on high tech companies as a condition to having their contract bids accepted by ...... [.... ]

http://www.dsf-fsn.org/en/19-en.htm [. . . . ]

http://www.it4all-bilbao.org/presentation [. . . . ]
Mandating equality and the global guilt gang, or global do-gooder mafia, if you will. Don't forget Stephen Lewis will be at UNB to stir up the guilt within the week. Behind his talks ..... you will pay and champagne socialists will land on their feet in very pleasant digs, we can be sure.

Jpgs/jpegs that follow:

* Heritage and Culture website and links
* Charest approval ceremony for the UNESCO cultural diversity agreement, Nov. 10, 05
* Paul Martin signs the UNESCO protocol which must be ratified by other nations Nov. 23, 05.
* More culture links
* Link to the Ivan Bernier & Ruis Fabri report for the UN (in French only) -- the UN study initiated by activists in Quebec and Paris
* Link enlarged a bit
* Links: leading to plans for Radio, TV & New Media -- Would this influence the public broadcaster, CBC?

Think funding that would strengthen a broadcaster that has an incredibly small viewing and listening audience and preferential treatment ... whether you want it or not. Any other businesses? Think "new media" and internet technologies, among other items for protection that you might not have considered as "culture" -- a global tax, agriculture, and other industries.

The Future Digital Economy: Digital Content Creation, Distribution and Access
Web address:

I wondered why much of our media were so hatefully disposed toward PM elect, Stephen Harper, CBC being inordinately vitriolic against him, and why there was such pressure applied in so many areas to influence Canadians to vote for "anyone but Harper" and the Conservatives. This appeared to be the case to me, even with those behind the Elections Canada, Student Vote. I have also learned from a source I trust that a couple of Political Science profs/instructors had told their classes to vote Liberal. That is carrying instruction a bit far at the university level. I have explored further and come up with a few ideas.

Anyone who hasn't been following this for a long time would need a seasoned advisor, I should think, or get lost in myriad files. Who are in position to advise a new Prime Minister? I suppose more appointed ones. Or more who got their jobs thanks to LibGov machinations. More to come as time permits.

The activism, the Machiavellian nature of what apparently has been planned and who are encompassed within what will follow strikes me as dangerous, and with a potential loss of the freedom many of us enjoy. Especially, the move leftward to control and guide the citizenry in "right think" is ... insidious and has been quite effective up to now. I believe it is important to explore this situation and how it rose.

Follow the yellow-red-brick road. It meanders from Quebec (and an ex-Min. of Heritage, DFAIT and assorted stakeholders) and Paris [See an excerpt from "Le monde diplomatique"] through the UN working to achieve the UNESCO Protocol on Cultural Diversity (a misnomer, that name -- It is intended to lock in protectionism and control ) and helped by that crowd who hang out at UN fests, ranging over ... DOHA ... Bamako ... WTO & GATS ... agriculture ... wine ... audio-visual services ... e-learning ... education ... healthcare services ... postal services ... telecommunications, finance ... transport ... professional services ... broadening the debate and transfering knowledge to developing countries ... to correct the distortions in the world trade system to their advantage ... Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ... thwarting the WTO's MFN or Most-Favoured Nation agreements on "trading without discrimination" ... machinations geared to omitting some nation (what nation could be omitted?) ... presenting the Islamic women's view out of Jeddah ... empowerment of women to "counter the attack on Islam from within and without" ... enhancing diversity of the media including through public service broadcasting ... Many Voices, One World ... an International Fund for Cultural Diversity ... the urgency of considering the right to communication as an expression of new social rights ...

Perhaps Maurice Strong knew what he was doing when he got involved in ManyOne.net? OneWorldMany? (check)

The posts that make up this series (which will come, eventually) may not be in the best order, but there are so many files with their own byways to follow that it is inevitable ... especially for one not paid to do a more competent job. There is so much more and there are so many ramifications that I feel inundated by it all. For what it is worth to anyone interested, the series will cover a little of what I noted. For the rest, you don't know what you're in for if this proceeds. Continue watching TV and playing games while you may do so readily and inexpensively at present.

If Canada continues with this absurd protectionism and promotion of the views of those who think we owe the rest of the world a living via the sticky UN fingers, of course (and Mo Strong's network) we will lose our freedoms to the leftists, socialists, communists and oppressive dictatorships who would run the whole thing. Think champagne socialists swanning about the world's better hotels and finer dining establishments on someone else's dime -- yours.


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