March 24, 2005

Bud Talkinghorn: Foundations Funds, Bombardier's 'Success', Media-Conservative Policy Convention

The 'foundations funds' are exposed

Give the Liberals this; they never play the piker when it comes to billions they can secretly manipulate, either financially or politically. Of the $9 billion they have set aside for indusrial technology, nearly $7.6 billion has never been given out and sits in government accounts collecting interest. And with that kind of money they are not getting the crummy interest rate you get. These research foundations are supposed to be used for cutting edge technological advancements; instead they are fattening the Liberal coffers. They always need emergency money should they have to pay-off some voters' bloc. This is one honey pot for conniving politicians or bureaucrats. Since practically no money has been paid out (has Bombarier been starved?), to increase our trade position, what justification is there for the funds? It's about the cash cow, stupid. Foundations are the ultimate money laundering dodge. Only a man like Paul Martin could have seen its possibilities. Paul, with his Barbados tax haven knows all about how to diddle the system--big time.

The sooner Sheila Fraser can get her nose into this honeypot, the sooner the next scandal will undoubtedly emerge. God, the thought is almost enough to make me weep. The headlines: "Liberals found to have wasted billions more." It could dwarf the sponsorship scandals. Now they are raiding our national productivity so they can have this nafarious slush fund. Let all Conservatives kneel down and pray this can of worms is exposed to scrutiny -- and this scandal will only re-enforce the power of past scandals. Let a Biblical flood of scandal wash over them, wiping away any credibility left. This fund was set up with Paul Martin, as Finance Minister, so he knew all about it. This one he can not walk away from so easily.

Harper was right to not try to defeat the Liberals too early. There are other hidden, dark corners of the financial empire they've built. Slowly, the truth will be forced into the light. Then the bogus protestations of "correcting the democratic deficit" or "ending the financial sleaze of Chretien's regime" will be exposed for the blatant lies they are.

© Bud Talkinghorn--I'm folding my hands in prayer right now.

Bombardier's Success story?

Bombardier is the one company name synonymous with corporate welfare. By dribs and drabs we have learned how long this business has been on the government tit. Hundreds of millions in government loans, grants, contributions--plus all the other hidden pipelines--have turned Bombardier into an eternally unweaned crybaby. When Zev Rosenzweig, the company's vice-president of aviation training, said that "Canadians hate sucess", he was either being ironic, or he actually believes that a near-bankrupt company that is on government crutches is "successful". Mr. Rosenzweig is obviously not speaking for the shareholders, who know that their share price depends on a minority government's largesse.

What Canadians really hate is that Bombardier has been extremely sucessful at scooping up vast sums of tax dollars to keep afloat. One has only to look at the close familial nexus between Bombardier and Jean Chretien to see why this company is endlessly suckled. Definitely, it is part of Chretien's tawdry legacy of cronyism and corruption. Martin shrewdly decided to prop up Bombardier and yet claim he is doing it for the good of the West. I'm sure that Bombardier will be thankful enough to make a sizable "donation" to the Liberal Party. And there is still lots of time to slip the Quebec division a few grants.

© Bud Talkinghorn

How the media wanted the Conservative convention to go

Big boy Myron Thompson would get into a debate with some metrosexual over same sex marriage. The debate would grow heated, with Thompson comparing his opponent to a lump of that stuff that his cowboy boots could easily squish.

Scenario two: Harper would admit that he finds most people little more than sheep -- that the decay of moral values is complete, so why fight the tide. Stockwell Day would rise and lead the congregation in "Will the Circle be Unbroken". The homosexual contingent would then attack Thompson, who would scream, "All you faggots will burn in Hell; in fact, most of you are already flaming." The media would cut to a woman saying, "We are for diversity, but we still hold marriage sacred." Then, the media would close in on a stricken Susan Bonner and an arched eyebrow from Mansbridge.

Meanwhile, Don Newman would be interviewing MacKay and Scott Reid. The entire interview would be nothing but a name-calling session between Mackay and Reid. Each would be accusing the other of being the bigger backstabber. It would end with Reid being another Joe Clark, except with a foxier lady on his arm. Newman would be looking on, bemused, while congratulating himself for sparking this political firefight.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Bud, we can be thankful the Conservative policy convention did NOT turn out like that. Compromises and the desire to do better for Canada held sway. Canadian Conservatives are definitely ready to govern. NJC


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