December 15, 2006

Dec. 15, 2006: Myriam Bedard

Does this have further ramifications?

See below for background items.

Bedard's father worried about her disappearance -- "alleged parental abduction", Dec. 14, 06, MSN / / CP

The father of former Olympic biathlon champion Myriam Bedard, who is wanted by police for alleged parental abduction, says he is worried about his daughter.

[....] The warrant for Bedard's arrest was issued Dec. 8 after a complaint filed by her former partner Jean Paquet, ....

... refused to give Paquet any access to their 11-year-old daughter [....]

"I have a whole government machine against me,'' she said in an interview. [....]

Search: current husband Nima Mazhari , Olympic gold medallist , International Olympic Committee , Kofi Annan , David Wilkins , accusations that Mazhari , Iran , Canadian justice system , testimony into the sponsorship scandal , former prime minister Jean Chretien , Mazhari's advice , Chretien's former chief of staff, Jean Pelletier , overturned the dismissal

Canada: Olympian, spouse probed in art-theft case (Bédard, Mazhari deny involvement in loss of 20 works by painter Caiserman-Roth) -- anonymous letter , [] selected reports June 18, 2004

Originally published in the Globe and Mail, June 18, 2004

[....] The affidavit says the SQ was asked to investigate after Ms. Caiserman-Roth's daughter received an anonymous letter claiming that Ms. Bédard's spouse, Nima Mazhari, tried to sell the author 19 paintings by Ms. Caiserman-Roth.

The affidavit also says that Mr. Bédard told investigators that his daughter asked him to keep some Caiserman-Roth paintings, telling him that the elderly artist had become "crazy."

Ms. Bédard and Mr. Mazhari spoke to police and denied the allegations.

[....] The police officers investigating the case include Detective-Sergeant Alain Lacoursière, a specialist in art fraud. [....]

Myriam Bedard's boyfriend arrested for theft of paintings valued at $100, 000 , July 7, 2005

[....] She made headlines in 2004 when she said she was forced from her job at Via Rail for asking questions about the federal sponsorship program. Bedard also credited Mazhari for persuading then-prime minister Jean Chretien for keeping Canada out of the U.S.-led Iraq war in 2003. [....]


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August 11, 2005
Updated Again: Has Myriam Bedard Joined a Very Select Group?
, re: whistleblowers

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Search: Bedard , Bédard [Note the accent], Pelletier


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