December 12, 2006

Dec. 12, 2006: America Alone

Western culture: Is it death by fertility rate? , Peter Worthington, Dec. 10, 06

[....Mark Steyn's] America Alone is not a polemic against Muslims in the way that the late Oriana Fallaci’s The Force of Reason or Melanie Phillips’ Londonistan are.

[....] For a stable population ... a fertility rate of at least 2.1 live births per woman .... Canada’s fertility rate is 1.48 while Europe as a whole is even lower at 1.38. Japan’s is 1.32, Russia’s 1.14, and so on .... there is no “population bomb” ....

But Muslim countries have a live birth rate ranging from five to seven per woman

How many have over 12 children? I saw on TV a "poor" man in the Palestinian territory who had 17. He never made the connection between over-breeding and poverty ... As Allah wills it, I suppose, the better to spare a few kids for the daily hate and the jihad duty: shooting, maiming, gutting, beheading, carrying live "dead" bodies through the streets in "coffins"... and bombing. Or consider the fish seller with two wives and nine children ... no connection between that and poverty? It boggles the mind.

... in the media .... don’t want trouble ... to appear insensitive or intolerant .... not incite vengeance or reprisals on Muslims.

[....] Often, cowardice is camouflaged as principle. It’s also a rule of nature, that if you can be intimidated, you will be intimidated.


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