December 15, 2006

Dec. 15, 2006: Bullet proof vest

What police are facing daily, on everyone's behalf

The police pay a physical price and a psychological price, as do their families, as the mainstream media nitpick at them all the time. Meanwhile, the police must investigate grow-ops and drug manufacturing, gangs and organized criminal networks ... The enablers make the real money ... There is billions in drugs and money laundering. It supports terrorism globally. Along with the police, the common people pay the price in every way and in increased taxation. Ministers Day and Toews are on the right track, which may be reason enough, says the tabby cat, for the constant MSM criticism of the current government.

A police officer shot by a fellow cop during a raid in a Vancouver suburb Thursday was saved by his bullet proof vest., Dec. 15, 06

The raid, in New Westminster, B.C., was being conducted on a crack house when the officer was shot in the abdomen.

New Westminster police Staff Sergeant Casey Dehaas ....

.... "You must understand that even though somebody gets shot and the vest stops it there's a tremendous impact and there will be bruising and who knows what other kind of injuries."

... hit full force with a huge baseball bat.

[....] Last week, three Winnipeg police officers and a suspect were shot and wounded in another drug raid.


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