July 21, 2006

July 21, 2006: Harper ... wow!

Air Steve could hit ground turbulence July 20, 06, Don Martin, NatPost

[....] The only way Prime Minister Stephen Harper could've improved the potent symbolism and camera-friendly optics of flying to retrieve Canadians fleeing Lebanon is if he'd flown his tagalong media to Cyprus and then ditched them to find their own way home.

Leaving journalists in Paris to live off their expense accounts before flying back on a commercial airline today is not exactly severe punishment for his self-described "enemies." [....]

He's proven himself bold, imaginative and unpredictable.

This is something refreshing on the Canadian political landscape -- a leader willing to take risks to do what's right in the face of certain criticism. It stands him in stark and favourable contrast to the hesitant poll-driven Martin reign. [....]

The turbulence would be tsunamis of hot air from the mainstream media / Liberal Propaganda. Organs. Note that "S".


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