July 21, 2006

July 21, 2006: Momin Khawaja

Guns, jihad books found in Ottawa home of accused terrorist

Or via Weapons and Jihad Manuals Found in Canadian's Home

Crown prosecutor Mark Heywood told the Old Bailey trial Tuesday that when RCMP officers raided the home of Khawaja and his family on March 29, 2004, they found three rifles under Khawaja’s bed along with dozens of rounds of ammunition. It is unclear whether the rifles were registered.

Police seized several books, he said, including: Terrorism and Self Sufficiency, Defence of The Muslim Lands, The Religion And Doctrine of Jihad, CIA Special Operations and Equipment, The Art of War, On Guerrilla Warfare and an unspecified military manual. ...

... RCMP officers also found a cellphone jammer in Khawaja’s home, ... device that prevents cellphones from working in the immediate area ....

“Khawaja had it no doubt as part of his development of a more sophisticated and portable jamming device which could be carried by the bomber,” to prevent a stray cellphone signal from prematurely triggering a bomb, Waters testified.

Do I hear a chorus of he's a peaceful lad ... prays at the mosque?


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