July 13, 2006

July 13, 2006: What does it take ...

to be appointed to a Board of Directors? What qualifications are required? Anything else?

On the way to reading something else in the Globe and Mail (Canadian Business, B6) yesterday, I came upon Appointment to Canada Lands Company Limited as a Director: Ernest Yee July 12, 06 ... and I found myself being led down Curiosity Lane.

Canada Lands Board of Directors with subsidiaries: Old Port of Montreal, Downsview Park Inc. Canada Lands Company CLC Ltd. [www.clcl.ca/en/board.htm]

MARC ROCHON is Chairman of Canada Lands Company Limited and Canada Lands Company CLC Limited. He served as President of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation from 1995 to 2000. Mr. Rochon also served in several senior positions within the Government of Canada, including Senior Advisor at the Privy Council Office, Deputy Minister at the Department of Canadian Heritage, as well as the Department of Communications, and Undersecretary of State in the Department of the Secretary of State, giving him a wide range of experience in such areas as corporate governance and social policy issues.

[....] ERNEST YEE is Assistant Vice President, Public Affairs of HSBC Bank Canada. Mr. Yee is a member of the Asian Studies Advisory Board at the University of British Columbia and has served on the Federal Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee for British Columbia and the Granville Island Trust

Search for other Canada Lands Company Limited Appointments

Canada Lands Company Limited home page

Old Port of Montreal
Park Downsview Park Inc.
Canada Lands Company CLC Ltd.

Very interesting -- impressive qualifications of Board of Directors Members

The list included ties to:

Star Choice Communications , CIBC Development Corporation in Toronto , Corporate Real Estate at CIBC Development Corporation in Toronto , Bruce Power Inc. and Ciel Satellite Communications Inc. , law firm of Pink Star Murphy Barro in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia , [law firm] Veilleux Gélinas Avocats S.A. in Montréal , Canadian Olympian , 2005 FINA World Championships in Montréal , Canexus Limited [Canexus Income Fund / Canexus Commercial Trust]

Canexus Income Fund completes $300 million IPO and Nexen retains 63.5% interest in Canexus Income Fund ... $200 million of bank debt ... , on the Nexen Inc. website [investors.nexeninc.com/newsroomDetail.cfm?ReleaseID=171113]

Curiosity led me to qualifications such as: civic-mindedness, a concern over communitiy and crime, the right attitude toward helping students (aerospace), medical facilities, and women, particularly, and many very generous gifts from HSBC to ... well, just check the few links below: (HongKong and Shanghai Bank Canada ... Is that not a bank with connections to or maybe part or whole ownership by Li Ka-shing?) Some of these may be blocked or unavailable.

Mr. Ernest Yee is obviously the bank's head publicist ... or is that media relations expert?

Gift from HSBC Bank Canada to support students in BCIT’s aerospace ... Ernest Yee, Assistant Vice President, Public Affairs HSBC Bank [www.canadian-universities.net/News/Press-Releases/June_19_2006_Gift_from_HSBC_Bank_Canada_to_support_students_in_.html]

STREET CRIME FORUM - JUNE 23, 2004 ... Ernest Yee. HSBC [www.bcjusticereview.org/working_groups/

The Richard Ivey School of Business today celebrated the Toronto launch of Women In The Lead .... HSBC Bank Canada, which supports Ivey Women in Management Newsletter, is also the principal sponsor of Women in the Lead .... Ernest Lee

Obviously, a little money to spread never hurts.

For more information, just search the directors.

Relevance? I believe Canada Lands is charged with handling government property ... maybe real estate ... maybe the buying and selling ... but check further ... Besides, concern for port security is in the news and above is their link to the port of Montreal. There is sure to be more information.


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