July 13, 2006

July 13, 2006: Captain's Quarters ...

NYT: China "Honest Broker" July 12, 2006, via newsbeat1 "Dance of the seven veils"

Tomorrow's New York Times reports that China and Russia will offer a proposal for a Security Council resolution that stops short of making economic sanctions a requirement for UN member states. Warren Hoge and Joseph Kahn also manage to squeeze in a little bias at the end of their report that paints China as an "honest broker" for peace.

First, though, the resolution comes with a Chinese pledge to [....]

The Times wouldn't know an honest broker if it came into their offices with a nametag. Apparently they can't bring themselves to recognize honest reporting or editorializing, either.

Search: Macau bank laundered , use terrorist groups and organized crime rings as distribution channels , not lifting the banking sanctions , "supernotes" ...

Better read the in between stuff ......

A little Memory Lane ... to make your day

Frost Hits the Rhubarb: May 29, 2005

Then I had occasion to learn about this group .... [This may be out of order / part of one of the following -- too little time to go back now]

Hackers and Spying -- Red Bricks along the Yellow Brick Road There could be an audit based on this story; what did that money collected go into? A monster mansion in the tonier area of Ottawa? A gambling foray to Macau?
[http://www.asianpacificpost.com/news/article/195.html] Canadian diplomat bolts from Beijing Sep 21, 2004 ....

Chinese Document: Sources and Techniques of Obtaining National Defence Science and Technology Intelligence
In Canada spies are us by Judi McLeod, Canadafreepress.com, January 26, 2005
Hidden Paul Martin firm linking leftwing activists to Information Highway
Welcome to the Peoples’ Republic of China on Canadian soil by Judi McLeod & Brian Thompson, Canadafreepress.com, January 22, 2005 ....

Forensic Accounting the Next "Big Thing"?
[www.DavidHawkinsResearch.com]-- IBAT Independent Benchmark Asset Tracking -- PDF by David Hawkins. Update June 1 ....

LPO-CBC Suppressing or just Incompetent?
U.S. Government Agency Cites “China Pressure” in Stopping NTDTV Broadcast Posts Report About NTDTV-Eutelsat Satellite Agreement James Fish, The Epoch Times, Apr. 8, 05, via Prime Time Crime
I assume NTDTV refers to New Tang Dynasty Television ....

To me, that is only the tip of the iceberg ..... Do look into who have been appointed to various Boards of Departments and Foundations .... I think I see a pattern ... but que se jo? ... I'm an ordinary citizen ... too unsophisticated to have an opinion ... Maybe some of you smart fellows understand more .........


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