July 13, 2006

July 13, 2006: Aussie PM John Howard ...

a leader of stature, his words worth hearing

When PM John Howard was in Canada this spring, I looked in vain in the mainstream media for a copy of his excellent speech before the Canadian Parliament. Why was it not publicized? Of course, he wasn't Yasser Arafat or Kofi Annan so ... his words undoubtedly didn't suit our leftist MSM ... hence, little of the actual speech was reported. MSM reported by spouting words, but nothing substantive of his message. At any rate, PM Howard is a strong and outspoken individual whose lead Canada should follow, at least on this topic. Check how PM Howard reacted when his country was about to be inundated by / confronted with recalcitrant boat people ... no pantywaist he. I am delighted to read how well he and our PM Harper get along.

Celebrate the 'Canadian achievement' -- as PM by John Geiger, National Post
Published: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 -- reference via CNEWS Forum, posted by jessyblue, 7/11/2006 (www.canoe.ca/mb2/messages/cnewsf/11136.html)

[Australian Prime Minister John Howard:] "It would be a crushing mistake to downplay the hopes and the expectations of our national family. We expect all who come here to make an overriding commitment to Australia, its laws and its democratic values. We expect them to master the common language of English and we will help them to do so. We want them to learn about our history and heritage. And we expect each unique individual who joins our national journey to enrich it with their loyalty and their patriotism."

[....] Here is a sample of the entertainment line-up Ontarians were offered at Queen's Park on Canada Day: Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company, the Indonesian Candra Kirana performers, Oplenac Serbian Cultural Association, Folklorico Mexicana, Punjabi Canadian Culture Group, Wushu-Chinese Martial Arts, Sankofa African Drum and Dance Ensemble, Huairapungo Ecuadorian Ethnocultural Group and the Brazilian TropiCaliente troupe. Such mutliculti feel-goodism is no doubt well-intentioned. But immigrants came to this country for freedom and economic opportunities -- not a smorgasbord of ethnic schmaltz. [....]



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