February 25, 2005

Francois Beaudoin on Crown Corps and Foundations, CBS' Fenton & Media Revelations, UN & US

Diane Francis: Francois Beaudoin on Crown Corps and Foundations -- a must read

Rein in the Crowns, ex-chief says -- Boards should not be patronage havens: Beaudoin Financial Post, Diane Francis, Feb. 24, 05

Francois Beaudoin, the former president of the Business Development Bank of Canada, was abused and eventually fired for objecting to a special loan deal for Jean Chretien's former partner. He finally got his day in court and this fall negotiated a settlement for damages.

Because of his history, I asked him to comment on the recent and long-awaited changes announced by the Treasury Board designed to improve the governance of Crown corporations. [. . . . ]

Search: Treasury Board, all-party Parliamentary committee, legislated mandate

See a related article in the Financial Post Feb. 24, 05. Search: Ubisoft, University of Sherbrooke, CEGEP, government picking winners and losers (It could be picking winners / industry winners -- one or the other)

Media: CBS veteran rips network -- Tom Fenton slams entertainment factor: 'There's nothing there you need to know' Feb. 24, 05, World Net Daily (WorldNetDaily.com )

When Tom Fenton stepped down from CBS News in December after 34 years of service, he was praised by the president of the network as "the embodiment of the wise and worldly CBS News correspondent."

Now, Fenton is going public with criticism of his own network and television news in general, with his forthcoming book, titled "Bad News."

"I wrote this book out of conviction," Fenton told the Buffalo News. "I don't have a lot of illusions it's going to change things." [. . . . ]

Search: foreign news, Osama bin Laden, compacted, context, on trust, radioactive

Tom Fenton's "Bad News" -- the usual disclaimer here -- no, I am not paid to plug this book but I would read it.

UN: Get the UN Out of the US -- Move America Forward, textual information and petition

Get the UN Out of the US -- Move America Forward, textual information and petition

During the past several years, the threat facing the United States of America and much of the world from violent terrorist organizations has grown exponentially. While the United Nations is chartered to promote peace, its actions recently have made it an accessory to terrorist crimes. [. . . . ]

Search: Kofi Annan, Resolution 144, France, Russia, China, weapons


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