March 14, 2007

Mar. 14, 2007: Canada - India , UN

Free trade agreement with India will boost Canada's prosperity and security , CCD Press Release on 10:24:41 2007/03/13
In Reply to: Ottawa pitching trade deal to India posted by STEVEN CHASE, Globe and Mail
Ottawa, Canada - The Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD) welcomes the decision of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative Government to begin negotiating a "high-quality free trade agreement" with India. This initiative was announced by Parliamentary Secretary Ted Menzies on behalf of International Trade Minister David Emerson in India on Monday night.

"This is a significant step towards realigning Canadian foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region with the realities of the 21st century," said Dr. Salim Mansur, CCD's Senior Fellow and professor of political science at the University of Western Ontario.

“A free trade agreement, if signed over the next few years, will pave the way for advancing economic, cultural, educational, and social ties between Canada and India. ....

[....] Canadian foreign policy had its "golden age" some half century ago .... Canada's strong partnership with India within the Commonwealth and the United Nations was a key component of Ottawa's middle power diplomacy. Since then, the relationship between the two countries, despite the common heritage of parliamentary democracy, rule of law and English as an official language, has not been sufficiently nurtured. Today, India is world's largest democracy, the 12th largest economy and by 2025 expected to likely become the 4th largest economy, and a global power with more than a sixth of the world's population and a rising middle class of around 400 million.

"Looking ahead, the need for a Canada-India partnership is vital for both countries in the pursuit of common interests in wealth creation, global peace, regional stability and supporting the growth of democracies in the greater Middle East, Central and South Asia, Africa and the coastal states of the Pacific region," added Mansur. "We also note that Canada's commitment to Afghanistan is matched by India's economic contribution, while Ottawa and New Delhi share similar concerns on UN reform." [....]

Suggestion: Why not turf connections with the UN for reasons which have been enumerated many times, its uselessness for anything but expanding itself and talking being paramount. End its expansion into Canada. Set up a United Democracies and see whether that would be of use. Set a time limit for its re-assessment. If UD proves no better, end it, and go it alone, making what treaties and agreements Canada's government might make. Get out of the business of supporting failure and hot air.

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