May 16, 2006

May 16, 06: No Liberal influence in this Kyoto story ....... of course

Out today: Auditor General's Report

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No Liberal influence ...

What is AgCert's connection to the former Liberal government(s), if any? Read on.
Or, if you are in a hurry, search: exclusive partnership

Up to $1B in green technology leaves Canada over 'uncertainty' -- Len Eddy, Managing Director: "AgCert Canada is one of several companies operating in Alberta that were prepared to invest hundreds of millions into Canadian farms to help them reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In turn, the farms could benefit from lower energy and operating costs, while also having the option of generating new revenues by selling credits for emission reductions to large companies....." Mike De Souza, CanWest, May 16, 2006

At first, I thought this might be bad for Canadian farmers since Len Eddy, Managing Director, says investors are moving their capital to "farmers in South America, Europe and Asia, where they can take advantage of existing emissions trading markets."

Then I googled: AgCert Canada

Former Liberal government(s)Natural Resources Canada website for the brochure (pdf)

[ Currently available webpages at Natural Resources Canada: ]

AgCert provides a turnkey solution producing a large, stable source of verifiable, globally acceptable "investment grade" credits utilizing an audited and standardized process to ensure credit quality in partnership with multiple government bodies.

Strange: I saw at the bottom of the old Natural Resources Google cache of the webpage a link to the 2003 Canada's delegation to Mexico re agriculture (?), cross border trade(?) BUT it rapidly disappeared when I touched it with a mouse. Now, how does that happen? Who and what government bodies were involved?

I believe I have mentioned the Liberals leaving behind Trojan horses to complain. It's a pity that the reporter hadn't dug a little more. I had very little time but I did find this:

[ website] Where are the Dollars in Carbon Credits? Al Tank AgCert Canada, Inc. 10315 102nd Terrace, Sebastian, FL 32958 USA

Oh, so it wasn't a group of Canadian farmers getting together for the good of the environment; there seem to have been connections to NSCAN and AgCert International, in this article, an address in Florida.

Abstract [....] A standardized process is required to allow a swine producer to take financial advantage of the Canadian Domestic Carbon Trading System, without the liabilities associated with marketing within the system.

Introduction: “Where are the dollars in carbon credits?” It is great question, and one that is being asked in numerous industries in Canada and around the world. The purpose of this presentation is to present a brief overview of where the dollars are in carbon credits, specifically as those dollars relate to the swine industry. The first part of the paper deals with the general issues of climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The second part will discuss what can be done to minimize the risk for pork producers while assuring them their piece of the carbon credit revenue pie.

[.....] AgCert’s GHG emission reductions, developed in an exclusive partnership with government [That would be the Liberal government(s)], are a low cost, reliable, and consistent means to satisfy industry’s GHG reduction/offset requirements without reducing economic output or hampering operational effectiveness.

[....] science backed process for qualifying and quantifying GHG ERs from agricultural sources .... It is important that aggregation of ERs is done in large quantities. The large final emitters in Canada are in need of 55 megatonnes of CO2e reductions. The larger the quantity they can purchase at one time, the lower their search costs, transactional costs, verification costs, and time consumption.

Industrial sized pork producers? Special connections: "AgCert’s GHG emission reductions, developed in an exclusive partnership with government [That would be the Liberal government(s)]"

Was an AgCert spokesman, then, a credible resource for "news"?


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