April 14, 2006

Easter & Passover Greetings

May you spend the next few days with those you love in a haze of good will -- for a weekend that is all that you wish for. The pictures that follow were forwarded to me; I do not know their source but I think the transparent butterflies are wonderful -- and thanks to S. The cat says "Aw shuckens."

Bud's posts are below. I shall not post much for a while -- still working on my commitments -- in a desultory manner. Please leave any comments you wish below; I shall check occasionally and see that they are posted. NJC

The illegal immigrant "rights" issue

North Americans are now witnessing the most direct challenge to our sovereignty, whether in the US or in Canada. The idea that we have illegal immigrants demanding that we abolish control of our national borders is astounishing. As so often, Canada's hard left have taken their loony-tunes ideas from America. Americans are now seeing a huge number of illegal citiizens taking to the street, backed (incredibly) by legal Latin Americans. To further astound, the majority of flags flown in some demonstrations were Mexico's, not the Stars and Stripes. Talk about an in-your-face statement. However, beyond astonishment, was the Latin-American mayor of Los Angeles procaiming that the massed illegals were all legitimate. The code of conduct for a mayor seems to have momentarily slipped his mind. It was his naked greed for re-election that allowed him to flout the laws of the land -- and apparently, get away with it. The annual cost to the city for the educating of the children of these illegals and giving them Medicaid rights dwarfs the cost of trying to catch them and incarcerating the large number of criminals among them. California and the South-west states are inundated by Mexican criminals. No point going for the penny ante money in Mexico when you can rob banks in the US.

Canada's immigrant / refugee lobby latched onto the optics of hundreds of thousands of immigrants demanding amnesty, and basically, an open door policy for their relatives later. Well, America tried an amnesty program in the 80's and it didn't stop a flood of tens of millions more Latinos. It is now estimated that 7,000 illegals enter the U.S. every week. The border guards have captured a fair number of Middle Eastern illegals as well. The invasion is so massive that almost no time is spent trying to ascertain the background of these people. All you can do to stem the tide is apply draconian methods. Jail the illegals in detention centers for a year; rather than simply dumping them over the border to try again the next day. North America is being invaded. Before some hideous tipping point arrives, we must resist this alien force.

© Bud Talkinghorn

The Gay Ghetto

An article from a gay writer connected to The Spectator bemoans the rigidity of his social scene. He sees the "gay Liberation movement" as having been a failure in its outcomes. Despite angling for more heterosexual tolerance, the gays themselves have moved into a laager mentality--us against the straight world. He wonders why, after decades of legislation favouring their pet causes--federal civil service benefits, gay marriage, and anti-homophobic laws--they are still, as a group, so dysfunctional. He mentions their elevated rates for drug abuse, suicide and sexual diseases. He lays the blame at the feet of the gay world itself. Any criticism of the gay lifestyle from within is countered by the activists as "self-oppression". The feminist movement is held up as a cruel example of how anti-progressive is the gay agenda. Oops! "Gay agenda" is another of the taboo words in the gay lexicon. Talk about getting it on with numerous strangers at the bathhouse over the weekend is quite OK though, so long as you're not a straight commenting on it.

Basically, Mitchell sees the gay scene as superficial, dogged by consumerism and political correctness--what Mao called "pure thought". Orwell called it brain washing. He chides them for retreating from the wider, vibrant hetero world and rather, sustaining some cult of victimhood instead.

Just as I remember a more open acceptance between anglo and franco communities in the past, I remember my past gay friends and acquaintances as more integrated than most gays are today. I fully realize that there are some ingrained prejudices against gays, but it seems to be the norm for the opposite side. Unfortunately, this gay-hetero divide is symbolic of all the other divdes that plague North Americans.

© Bud Talkinghorn


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